Llama Train

Llama Train


llama train is about high energy live performances that focus on musical ingenuity. all four band members are experienced on multiple instruments which makes for a very entertaining show.


forming in 2003 at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, llama train has been keeping the Knoxville music scene busy by performing often, and performing well. the train is classified as a rock band, but pulls from a large number of influences ranging from Jeff Tweedy to R.E.M. llama train is not tied down to specific instruments or roles in the band. all four members are song writers, seasoned musicians, and equal influences on the music. very high energy live performances are the main focus of the band, and the focus on the crowd is uncanny. everyone at a llama train show can find something they will love about the evening. ESPN and Levi's jeans recently picked Llama Train over all other knoxville bands to represent the city of Knoxville during this years battle of the bands during the UT vs. Florida game on September 15th.


*siren sounds (7 song e.p.) 2005-recorded in Knoxville TN with Superdrag drummer Don Coffey Jr.
*the e.p. has multiple tracks that are played regularly on WUTK 90.3 fm / Knoxville,TN
*music can also be heard at www.myspace.com/llamatrain