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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Wavelength interview"

Go here: http://www.wavelengthtoronto.com/?q=node/2413 - wavelengthtoronto.com

"Two Way Monolgues Track-Fu"

From a Track-Fu listing of an old track known as "The Sea", off of our March EP...

"On MySpace, Llions have their genre listed as "healing and easy listening". I think they're lying! This doesn't sound like Yanni! That is good, obviously, because nobody wants to listen to that. (Okay, some people clearly do, but I'm think most people read this decidedly don't.) It's not death metal or anything -- I like the pretty female harmonizing vocals -- but it's way less lame than Yanni. Or Enya. Don't like her either."

http://www.twowaymonologues.com/track-fu/143/ - TwoWayMonologues.com

"torontoindie.com interview"

Go here: http://www.torontoindie.com/?p=211 - TorontoIndie.com

"Lonely Vagabond"

"Inspiring key-laced pop, beautiful intricate harmonies, this is the kind of rousing chemistry that only a brother-sister duo can achieve. Bursting with energy, Llions makes for a colourful, fun, and infectious good time."

http://lonelyvagabond.com/wpmu/2008/04/02/llions-the-horseshoe/ - lonelyvagabond.com/wpmu/

"Misc comments from Lonely Vagabond"

"Llions are loaded with fun. Brimming with optimism. A dash of energy. That was a great set at The Drake. Engaging pop-melodies that seduces you into a sonic-sing-along, beams of sunshine that makes you smile, reassuring you that there is always rays of musical light at the end of the day."

"That was a great set at The Boat. Georgeous acoustic-indie introspection that simmers your senses, and evokes a warmth that aurally paints splashes of colour. Pure joy."

"That was a great set at The Savannah Room, sparkling harmonies, a beautiful sound full of and optimism. Capturing the essence of a time where the gift of performing music reigned, without having to assault your senses. Well done. "

- as seen on myspace.com/LLIONS


March EP (4 songs)
"One more left" (single, on TEA volume 13 compilation)
LLP1 (10 songs)



LLIONS happened in early 2007 when Jarkko decided that he had waited long enough to start a band with his younger twin sisters, Satu and Suvi. Influenced by the ethic and experimentation of other family acts such as The Free Design, The Danielson Family, and Low, the three siblings began to write and look for their sound. As harmonies began to develop over top of an aresenal of synthesizers and guitar, Jarkko recruited Matt, his good friend and long-time musical collaborator, and brought him into the fold as the sought after drummer, as the brick and mortar for the melodic constructs under development.

Since then, LLIONS has written dozens of songs, released multiple tracks on their myspace, distributed both a 4-song EP and 10-song LP, and played in many of the essential venues in their hometown of Toronto. Along the way, LLIONS has made friends with other incredible Toronto bands and promoters, and has watched in awe as word-of-mouth describing the LLIONS sound has begun to float through the local scene.

Currently, LLIONS is writing and recording a follow-up long player to their first album, and actively looking for opportunities to take their music on the road, to new towns and new audiences. They are hitting their stride, and aiming for bigger things, leaving Jarkko, Satu, Suvi and Matt wondering: What will LLIONS grow into?