BandHip Hop

When you hear my music, you know it's me. It's Lloyal and nobody else. People who feel my music, are similar to me. We relate for one reason or another. I make music from the soul and fine tune what my soul has to say using my creativity.


Lloyal is a Harlem / Bronx representative known for his storytelling skills, comedic rhymes, and selection of beats. His parents were brought together by music. His father was a DJ and one night at the club he was spinning, a club singer came in to sing medleys. They met, fell in love and gave birth to this MC. Music is in Lloyal's blood and he lets it show in his songs.


Lloyal Rumble (http://www.datpiff.com/Lloyal-Lloyal-Rumble-mixtape.59607.html), LLOYALMANIA!!!! (http://www.mediafire.com/?ju2yznztn3y), Loyalty EP (Collab with producer Brown Bomber due Summer 2011)