Lloyd Daly & the Vince Michael Band

Lloyd Daly & the Vince Michael Band


It is a combination of blues, rock, hip hop, r & b, and country with a lining of New Orleans jazz sprinkled with a Cajun flavour.


Lloyd started out in the garage with a piano his mother bought. He started with an upright piano and he soon heard his Uncle Joe play blues and boogie woogie on the piano. This inspired Lloyd to suddenly want to be a musician. Later on Lloyd heard 2 neighbourhood children play the piano and was very impressed. One was Jimmy who could read music very well and played " Hello Dolly". But the one who really caught Lloyds attention was Albert who could play "Mercy Mercy" by Cannonball Adderley and soon Lloyd was asking Albert to teach him the song. Lloyd was fascinated when he went to see Albert and saw a piano, drums, and other musical instruments. This was the first time Lloyd had ever seen a drum set.

Later Lloyd was to meet and be influenced by many other musicians such as The Neville Brothers and Sheba, the drummer for Professor Longhair, who gave Lloyd their blessing to go ahead and become a piano player.

What set Lloyd apart was his fascination of guitar playing which he incorporated into his piano playing style. Listening to his grandfather play the accordion and his father play the harmonica, gave him an appreciation for Cajun, blues, and zydeco music.

These early influences shaped his music into the original blues style it is today. While at Xavier College in New Orleans, Lloyd met Al and Vincent who gave him an appreciation of rock and New Orleans funk music which greatly influenced Lloyd's
musical style throughout his career.

This band has a unique blend of cultural and diverse influences that can be found only in New Orleans.

Lloyd is also one of the co-founders of Bamboula 2000, a multi- award winning band in the category of world music. Bamboula 2000 have won 3 Big Easy Awards over the years. Lloyd continues to play keyboard with Bamboula 2000 at least once or twice per month at a variety of gigs including the upcoming New Orleans JazzFest 2008 that is being held the last week in April and the first week in May, 2008.
Lloyd also had a hand in giving local hip hop artists a start in New Orleans being an enginer and producer. Lloyd has also matured and expanded in his musical compositions by studying under legendary composer Roger Dickinson. Lloyd is a well known composer and arranger in New Orleans, scoring music for such plays as The Vagina Monologues of New Orleans, Origins of Life, 13 Lessons, and Trying to Find my Way Back Home.
Origins of Life won a Big Easy award on February 18, 2008 for best ethnic dance performance (African) in which Lloyd's song Ocean, included in this press kit, was the music that played during the dance.


With Bamboula 2000, Lloyd released 2 cds - Cultural Warrior in 1996 and New Society in 2001 - in which he was involved in composing most of the songs on each CD as well as playing key boards and singing vocals. Bamboula 2000 won the Best World Music Band Award in 2001 and has won 3 Big Easy Awards over the years.

Set List

Some of the songs we play are:

Hey Pocky Way (Art Neville) - recorded with Bamboula 2000 on New Society

Ocean (Lloyd Daly) - recorded with Bamboula 2000 on New Society but with Elbert Moses Fulgham on vocals. As noted above, this song was also used in the New Orleans 2007 play "Origins of Life" for which an African dance was created. On February 18, 2008 the play won in the Best Ethnic Dance category for their dancing during this song.

Woman (Lloyd Daly) - recorded but still unreleased

Bandit (The Ballad of Country Lloyd) - recorded but still unreleased

Redemption Song - Bob Marley

People Get Ready

Lets Straighten It Out - Lattimor

Tender Love - 4 MDs

Let it Reign on Me - Lloyd Daly (recorded with Bamboula 2000 on New Society),