Don Tiki keeps the tiki torches blazing in a BIG, elegant show that delivers a huge dose of TLC… Tiki Lounge Culture! The troupe consists of 16 talented musicians, singers and dancers, elaborate costumes, choreography and video montages. More at or


Kick back and soak up a little TLC… Tiki Lounge Culture with brand new exotica from Polynesia. Don Tiki's exotic and danceable tiki-tunes are brimming with haunting melodies, pulsating polynesian polyphonics, and sultry undulating rhythms. Don Tiki! They draw inspiration from the original masters of the exotica sound, Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman and Les Baxter and bring their evocative music into the 21st Century.

Don Tiki is a band of exceptional talents, and their music will transport you to an island paradise where sensual tropical fantasies still exist. The gorgeous Don Tiki Dancers and their elaborate costumes add to the enchantment of their mesmerizing and always sold-out performances.

Don Tiki is a creative collaboration of Lloyd Kandell and Kit Ebersbach. The band features Hawaii's top musicians with cumulative experience ranging from jazz fusion to world beat to the Honolulu Symphony to Waikiki Showrooms. Here's some quotes:

“Tiki supergroup Don Tiki knows the world, the subculture of tiki…it really doesn’t get much better than this!”
~Anthony Bourdain/No Reservations

“Don Tiki have a sexy allure, along with flair and a good sense of humor...”
~Time Out/NY

"A great band from Hawaii, friends of ours...keeping the spirit of Martin Denny alive."
~ Jimmy Buffett

"Give him island fever and take your guy to paradise with Don Tiki."
~ Cosmopolitan Magazine

"...This is the musical equivalent of an unspoiled jungle paradise with air conditioning and valet parking."
~ Wire

"Don Tiki is providing the soundtrack for this Technicolor projection of a Polynesian pop paradise."
~Sven Kirsten/The Book of Tiki

"Pleasurable and intoxicating...pure paradise for the ears and senses."

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Skinny Dip with Don Tiki
Don Tiki Adulterated - The Remix Project

Set List

Typical set is 15 songs/ 75-90 minutes long:

The Natives Are Restless
Close your Eyes
The Other Side of the Moon
Bla Bla Cha Cha
Hypnotizing Man
Pagan Lust
Itchy Palms
Quiet Village
Hot Like Lava
Whatever Lola Wants
Barbi in Bali
An Occasional Man