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I sat in on Lluther’s first rehearsal on US soil two nights ago and instantly knew i’ve become part of something huge. What I heard in the small, rented space at Hollywood’s Swinghouse Studios was enormous. And while I filmed the band, sitting right at the center and in the thick of their contagious, energetic noise, I felt a forgotten but once-familiar combination of adrenaline and exhilaration wash over me – the same potent concoction i had felt neary two decades ago upon listening to Nirvana’s Bleach for the first time as a little kid: I wanted to take on the world, no-holds-barred, right then and there; i wanted to scream and dance – violent balletrina style, to jump on my bed relentlessly, and do some other pretty bad-girl things along the way, just because i could or perhaps because that was how much freedom i was suddenly aware was bursting inside me. All of which is EXACTLY what rock & roll is supposed to do to us, right? Or as my friend DG put it while trying to win my post-concert attention/favor via facebook-wall-post one night: “Yes that’s how f***in’ Rock n Roll should make me feel: a little too powerful/sexy for my own good.”

Lluther steps up and provides the ‘meat-and-potatoes’ /legit RAWK that’s been SORELY missing from today’s music scene for so long that “Rock is Dead” is not just cliche, it’s a taken for granted assumption before the music ever starts. Newsflash dearies: Rock is not dead, Rock was dead. Enter Lluther. Why, whaddaya know? Rock (& Roll) is Resurrected. Thx, lads.

-ses xo - sesaluna


Still working on that hot first release.



After the dissolution of his successful electro-rock group Skindive the groups founder, songwriter and main guitarist Gerry Owens found himself pushing for a new direction in music, when the name "Lluther" just came to him. Quickly signed by German heavy rock label Tiefdruck Music, Lluther soon after released "Agents Of Empire" to overwhelming critical acclaim and a frenetic listener response that has only kept building. Since 2006, thanks to a sizable and ever-increasing fan base, Lluther has toured throughout Europe extensively, supporting major headliners and as a staple in the festival scene. In 2008, when the group amicably parted ways with Tiefdruck and signed with music giants EMI Publishing, a crackling current of inspiration, not unlike like a divine epiphany, charged through Lluther and sent the band back into the studio.

The end result, “Rise Of The Reptile King" is a self contained renaissance; a concept album in the vein of David Bowie and Pink Floyd that pushes the boundaries of rock music. Lluther artfully explores the dark tale of a mysterious anti-hero and his spectacular rise, fall & rise again, set against a supernatural landscape of circus performance, freak shows, and all things occult, profane and bizarre. Cracking through the modern indie-alt-noise-rock panorama, Lluther holds up a mirror of beautiful chaos in which everyone who listens can see a little bit of themselves. It is seductive and exciting, it is inspired and driven, and most importantly, it is rock & roll and it is now.

Already finding a resonance with fans and music industry types alike, the buzz around the band and their new record appears to be catching on with haste. A handful of promotional singles sent to European rock stations last summer snagged gobbs of airtime and one track, "In The Dollhouse" spent 4 weeks on the Virgin Rock Radio Airplay Top 20 in Italy alongside U2, Them Cooked Vultures & Depeche Mode. In the US, Lluther has successfully enlisted the full promotional support of LA's infamous SuicideGirls after their first guest appearance on the radio show in late January. The alt-rock pinup icons have made Lluther their new pet Rock&Roll cause and are even slated to star in the band’s next video, "Until She Comes” that’s set to be directed by the award winning Doug Freel.