Take everything you've heard about metal add a dash of classical music and a symphony and you'll come close to having heard Llyfyrion.


Llyfyrion (pronounced "hilvirion") is an old Welsh word derived in
part from the Latin word "Librarius". It's meanings include "readers of books",
"possessors of magical works", and even "wizards" in medieval Wales. For
the band it represents the collective knowledge base of it's members. The
Music itself is an artistic blend of skill and passion, combining dual guitars with
both savage and melodic vocals, the whole being interwoven with subtle
keyboard orchestrations. Llyfyrion's style incorperates elements found
throughout the metal spectrum, including thrash, symphonic, goth, and
progressive metal, as well as a huge influencefrom classical music. The
influences of each member create the band as a whole. Llyfyrion was started
in 2003 by Patrick Dryz, Kelly Phillips, and Leon Anderson, which empowered the
band with two guitarists and the beginnings of keyboard arrangements. Through a
Friend in Oklahoma City they found Patrick Thomas, who gave the band a full time
keyboard player. The band went through a number of vocalists and drummers before
meeting Nutari Furion who finally filled the vocalist position permanently. Soon after
joining Nutari introduced his nephew, drummer Charlie King. With the departure of Kelly
Phillips in early 2005, the band was forced to find a new bass player. Enter Josh Hall, who
was clearly up to the job. At this point, there was something missing in the line up. The band
realized what they needed was a female vocalist to complement the male vocalist, and bring forth
the maximum potential of the material. They then came across soprano Megan Tarpley, who was
exactley what they were looking for. With a full line-up and seven songs, Llyfyrion has recorded a
simple demo and is currently looking to put out a full album soon

Contact Info:
Scott Robinson-(918)224-8016



Written By: Patrick Dryz

Cruelest warlord of udal lands
Restored to rightful claim
Royal scion of Holy Order

To defend, to destroy, always are one
Justice sought in revenge

Foes will writhe on bitter spikes

Son of the Dragon wields terror and sword


Cause renewed in the wake of defeat
Warlord engages once more
Foreign lords rising on spikes

Battle-lust burns, no quarter given
Invaders fall under sword
Ancestral earth consumes remains

Corpse trees rot, grim forest tall
Running with stagnant blood

Hostile eyes freeze in horror

Son of the Dragon defender, destroyer




Vigilant sadist enforces law
With purifying flame
Lawless wastrels are expunged

Centuries old, the fountain stands
Drink from tyrant’s cup
Return the vessel to it’s stead

Byzantium falls, impaler stands tall
Immortality gained

Descendants faith will never die

Voivode of old survives his destruction


Seven Candles

Written By: Nutari Furion and Patrick Dryz

Verse 1:
Seven candles in front of my eyes
Holding me back at the edge of demise
Breathing is shallow
Within my soul strives
As the flames burn
So still does my life

I have lived my life
Through sorrow and strife
Now dark is my sight
I fall into night

Verse 2:
Mind wrought with fury ; Body wracked with pain
Fire has consumed me ; Burning through every vein
Lifes blood exploding ; Can't contain it's fury
Candles are Dying
Disease consumes me

Verse 3;
Seven candles in front of my eyes
Flames touching darkness unleashed in my mind
Visions overwhelming can you hear their cries
As the flames dim Darkness floods my mind


Verse 4:
Mind battles deamons ; Body fights disease
Thoughts twist and writhe ; Through layers of memory
Dark dreams consuming ; I cannot break free
Candles are fading : Blackness claims me


Written By: Nutari Furion

Pathways of Deception, Spilling rightous seed
Gone but not forgotten as I lay down to bleed

Deep within the shadows, Doomed my soul to roam
Wake up to my nightmare, Unite my body with your soul

Eternal dark sister
Come take up my heart
Fill me with your desire
Let the magick start

Will I dare in shadow dwell , My soul to cast in your dark well
Body Dies my soul takes flight, Dark instrument become I tonight

Guard this vessel oh wretched Queen , Guard my body wash it clean
Cast my soul into your hell, With fires to forge and Temper well

Morgana goddess of battle, my mother, my lover, my heart
Fill me with your power, Make my flesh anew
Grant me your flowing wisdom, wash me clean with your desire.

Set List

2.Seven Candles
6.Bathed in Blood
Six more songs in the works
so far we have about 45 minutes to an hour worth of material.