L.M. Mental

L.M. Mental

BandHip HopR&B

I am an experienced songwriter and lyricist in hip-hop as well as other genres. I also create music for commercial, television, and movie use. Sometimes I like to experiment with equipment that's not typically used. I excel at music expressing sorrow or struggle: as well as upbeat instrumentals.


I love to listen to all types of great musicians who have influenced my songwriting and instrumentals. I feel that music is sopposed to be a form of art and alot of today's "artist" don't really know what art is. I'm making music because people deserve better. Life as a musician may be a struggle at times, but it's worth it when people see that my music is beautiful. When my music is heard without the words; you FEEL the emotion. The listener can feel my pain and happiness through my music. That's what great music is. It's music that captures an emotion or moment. There are few people today who can make it like that. Most of the world's greatest artists are dead. But as long as we can listen to thier work, they're not gone.


I released an underground album in 2005, and am currently planning my first official album to be released in AUGUST 2007. The album will be under my own independent label, Cultivated Entertainment and will be called 'AFICIONADO'

Set List

The set depends on what the music is being made for. Typical songs are from 3 minutes to 5 minutes long. Music made for television or commercials is usually from 5 to 60 seconds long.