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L-money's Music
Swag Dripper.
Cruise Control.
I Am Fly.
That Gurl.
I'm So Different.
4ever Real
You Can Check Them Out At www.myspace.com/youngl2121



L-money A young starving Rapper from Philadelphia just trying to make it. He Started Rapping as a joke at 11 in the sixth grade he had a project and he asked the teacher could he rap his project to the class etc. After getting a C grade for this project he waited so late to start working on he said he wanted to take it serious so from that day he started writing honing his skills, word play, craft, flow. Though still shy about performing and showing his talent he continued to right at thirteen he met his Stepbrother and two Cousins who also rapped They formed a group Named Goodfellaz. Thats When Young - L was born A Kid Rapper who only knew the street side of rap no versatility just one thing the streets tho considered good at what he was rapping about he felt 1 dimensional this is all i rap about streets drugs guns. So He Started Studying some of his favorite rappers B.I.G, 2 Pac, Dmx, Jay-Z, Realizing the different things they would talk about through their music and still be able to talk about their life growing up and coming from the streets. A Student of the game was born coming different on every song diff topic diff stories to tell diff flows etc. L-money became a rap artist not just a rapper as he grew he studied dictionaries for the meaning of words to expand his vocabulary Word play to touch a more diverse crowd then Most underground rappers. At age 17 Young - L Released A song called Who Am I touching on topics dealing with Himself School the Law his Dad his Mom and his Friends who He called Brothers. At the end of the song Young - L believed there was a growth with in his self with a baby on the way and feelings inside that now he need to become a man and be a better father than his dad and take care of his Family Young - L Drop The Young and became L-money that day he decided he also should drop the mic and walk away from his dream and work the average 9 to 5 Job and support his Family. 1/10/09 L-money Decides to pic his book back up and pen and start back at music with his friends behind him and wanting a better life for his 2 Yr old Daughter And Girlfriend He promised a better life money and no more hardships that they would do it as a family and only a family. And here i am today looking to get my foot in the door and kick it down once I'm In so stay tuned its gonna be a long ride and a hard journey but I vow to make it on this road to becoming a Star..... L-money