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LO has been crafting his style since the mid ninety's. He's studied some of the greatest MC'S such as, Nas, Biggie, Scarface, & Jay-Z .Those artists inspired his smooth mellow flow. His music focuses on real life issues and having fun. He's a MC that you shouldn't sleep on!


Gaining a passion for Hip Hop at an early age, LO, born Rondall Sneed, drew inspiration from old school legends in order to paint pictures for the current generation. After graduating from rapping in the hallways of his local high school, this Oak Cliff native joined forces with rappers L.A., Sage Infamous & Joe Severe to form the conglomerate RAW INC., and in 2002 released the underground group album VICTORIOUS, which can still be heard rumbling through trunks in the DFW. LO then co-founded and became President of THE FOUNDATION RECORDS in 2004 along with Sage Infamous (CEO) and achieved independent success with his 2005 solo debut First Time Around. In 2007 he released his critically praised second solo album Back 2 Life. Creative collaborations on the album included several Texas heavyweights such as L.A., Colby Savage, Goodness Gracious, Trillogy, Sac D, AP the Vocalist, Ms. La La, and Kane, and fierce production credits from beatsmiths like B-Eazy (Barge House Productions) and Solitaire (Bout My Bidniz). He is currently in the studio working on his third solo album, and a new group album with L.A. and Sage Infamous. LO, while “usually found at the local spots hustling”, may also be seen performing at custom car shows, radio station events, music conferences, Palm Beach nightclub, and numerous other venues and events throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. True uniqueness and sheer dedication gleam from every track of this artist’s classic material, ensuring LO will be around for many years to come.



Victorious (2002) -- as a member of rap group Raw Inc.

First Time Around (2005) -- solo

Back 2 Life (2007) -- solo

Set List

L.O.'s typical set consists of 3 to 5 songs when performing alone. When performing with other artists or at events, his sets are normally 6 minutes long. The songs that he performs are:
1. Rendevouz
2. Dat Dance Ugly
3. Whip Game Proper
4. Close 2 you
5. LO Down and Dirty