Loaded Dreams

Loaded Dreams


Underneath waves of instrumental noise, Loaded Dreams' catchy melodies reveal the band's ability to seemlessly weave the chaotic with the ethereal. For fans of Cocteau Twins, Throwing Muses, and Sonic Youth.


Brooklyn-based Loaded Dreams' delicately haunting melodies weave the chaotic with the ethereal, inviting you to ride the ebbs and flows of beauty and noise. "Pensive and passionate" [Alternative Press], Loaded Dreams melds drones, feedback and loops with guitars, organs, violas and "siren vocals too roiling to gaze at many shoes as they climb toward hallucinogenic clouds" [Village Voice]. The five-member band recently completed its upcoming debut full-length, comprised of ten songs [producer Bill Racine (Rogue Wave, Odiorne, Mates of State)] — led by melancholy girl harmonies, the band delivers an album that carries you through the pathos of hope, fear, empowerment, and despair.


If You Want To

Written By: Lynda Kady

Never had a chance so what can I do for you now?
Run and hide stay out of your way?
Or put my hand out far enough to actually touch you?
And how would you react knowing that you never really had a chance?

But if you want to
You do
Yeah if you want to
You do
If you really want to you do and if you really want to you do
If not
than move

Young eyes
Brilliant and free
But there was a spiritual thief
Playing out our destinies and we're finding this is what would be
Maybe in a past life
I was you
And you were me

I was feeling' so held down
Like a child's spirit frozen or drowned
Can it be awakened?
My powers been forsaken
So watch this transformation
A reincarnation

Bright Star

Written By: Lynda Kady

Bright Star, Still Sea
You can breathe so free
When I go there, I hear the sweet melodies
Repeat, repeat

Watch it, watch it, watch it
And see
Can you, coax it, hope it back to me

Could it be around the tree
A soul that longs to be retrieved
Can you find the one who sees in the dark to bang the drum
On the day that the wind tears the leaves and the rain wants to
tempt you into retreat
Stay, yeah, just...

Bright Star, Still Sea
It’s a promise of peace
No longer haunted
Yeah, yeah, yeah I want it
Bring my sweet soul back to me
It’s right behind that bright star, still sea

It’s right behind that bright star, still sea
Yeah it’s right behind that bright star
Still sea


Debut Full Length Finished (w/ Bill Racine - Longwave, Rogue Wave, Flaming Lips)
EP - in it but not of it (2002)
we do have some streaming and radio airplay.

Set List

no covers, about 40 minutes at the most

way beyond
when words fail
a love song
only to find
bright star
if you want to
i believe
got no ground