Loafers Glory

Loafers Glory


We're all about the music that we write, and also believe in putting on a show that people want to watch. We are currently focusing on writing our own music that includes rock, alternative, and emo influences. In our longer sets we are happy to throw in some selected cover songs.


Loafers Glory started in the summer of 2001 and hasn't stopped since. Playing out every chance the group gets has led them to playing at hospitals for charity, smoky clubs, and a benefit concert for the locals in their hometown. Their peers know them as one of the hardest working bands in the area with even harder-hitting live shows.
"Our stamina will stay with us as we plan our new summer tour to cross over to the East Coast to let everyone know that we're here to rock you with our vocal harmonies, crushing walls of guitar, and thunderous drums."...LG


The Last Song

Written By: Chase Slagle

This is my last song,
this is my last song for you.
I give it all back to you,
Every single word of prose.

It was your design.
Where was your mind?
Now that you're not mine.

You give your heart to him,
where was your mind all this time?
Now I want it back just all for myself.
Now I want it all back for me.

I see you there every night,
in my dreams I wait for you.
I give it all back to you,
every single word of prose.

I don't know if I really want to stay,
and I don't know if I really want to go.
Now I work as you clerk,
selling your short-ass skirts.

College Flyers

Written By: Chase Slagle

I don't care what it takes,
I don't care what you say.
I won't say a word to you...

Let's get the flyers up,
let's not forget why we're here...
And what we're supposed to do.

They never listen close,
they only care when we click.
Give our lives a rest...

I won't give,
I won't breakdown, Not today.
I can't stop,
I can't wait up, Not for you.

I walk these darkened halls,
I wait to hear your voice
calling from beyond...

Beauty & Bliss

Written By: Chase Slagle

It's in my head,
and in my feet.
I feel it now,
it's buried in my sea.

I wish I knew,
just how it'd be.
When you tried to explain all of this to me.

I feel you're here with me,
your lips are never moving.
I need her here tonight,
let me know if you hear this song.

Was it something that we did?
Was it something that we said?

June is there,
can someone hear?
I feel it now,
it's buried in my feet.

Stencil minds,
and broken lies.
explain this all to me...


Demo CD - 2002
Self-Titled EP- 2004
The Hills are Alive Compilation - SAID Records -2004
Current Airplay with 90.5 WWCU FM

Set List

Empty Cars
Lead the Way
Beauty & Bliss
The Last Song
College Flyers
In My Dreams...
Crossed Dischord
Hold Tight

Rockin' in the Free World - Niel Young
The Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World