Loa House

Loa House


Loa House is the place where the dead speak. And the dead have their stories to tell. "Voodoo Love" is the tale of Harlen Dixon, who falls in love with his best friend' Robert Lightning's girlfriend Jackalyn. Blinded and broken, Harlen turns to the dark side of Voodoo Magic to punish Robert Lightning and possess Jackalyn. To accompish his twisted plan, Harlen employs Raimond Valcour, otherwise known as the Voodoo Man, to entrap Robert Lightning, and bury him alive....


Cast of Characters

Harlen Dixon

Robert Lightning (Lightning)

Jackalyn (Robert's woman)

Raimoind Valcour (the Voodoo man)


Guitars/Keyboards: Dave Willow

Vocals: Pete "the Beast" Oppenheimer

Bass: Andy Narsingh

Drums: Frank Skelton

Guest guitar solo by Ardy Aryan on "Go to Hell"


Voodoo Love (2012)