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Lobster Newberg


Progressive, pop rock, fusion, blues, jazz, jam, and more. All these musical genres wrapped into a little ball we call Lobster Newberg. From Chicago, Lobster Newberg is known for their solid albums and high energy live concerts.


Progressive, pop rock, fusion, blues, jazz, jam, and more. All these musical genres wrapped into a little ball we call Lobster Newberg.

Lobster Newberg is a progressive rock band out of Chicago , IL that features Colin Peterik on keys and lead vocals, Phil Miller on guitar, Jamie Dull on drums and percussion, and Corey Kamerman on bass. These four musicians bring different backgrounds, influences, and attitudes into their music, creating an explosion of ideas and creativity.

Lobster Newberg's music is very unique and melodic, which is rare to hear in a modern progressive rock outfit. They take the introspective aspect of classic progressive rock and turn it into something fresh. When asking Colin Peterik his opinion on their music, he replied, "Our music doesn't age. Listen to it now or 20 years from now. It'll still be new...it'll still be fascinating."

Whether you're into the 60's and 70's classic or progressive rock, modern progressive rock, jambands, pop rock, fusion, or just great music with a solid core and raw talent, you will love Lobster Newberg. Their solid albums and high energy live concerts are not to be missed.

Lobster Newberg returned from their two month national tour across the entire US in March '09. They are currently performing constantly across the midwest in cities like Minneapolis, St Louis, Kansas City, Cleveland, Detroit, Miwaukee, and of course Chicago.

Trick Drums
Hammond Organs
Leslie Speakers
Silverfox Drum Sticks

*A small number of venues Lobster Newberg has played (list does not include all tour dates)*

House of Blues (Chicago, IL)
Whisky A Go-Go (Hollywood, CA)
Cat Club (Hollywood, CA)
The Good Hurt (Los Angeles, CA)
Dreamstreet (San Diego, CA)
Pizza Shoppe Collective (Omaha, NE)
The Cave (Chapel Hill, NC)
Mystic Hot Springs (Madison, UT)
High Dive (Seattle, WA)
Slide Bar (Orange County, CA)
Fitzgerald's (Chicago, IL)
The Hut (Tucson, AZ)
Phoenix Hill Tavern (Louisville, KY)
Carousel Lounge (Austin, TX)
Martini Ranch (Scottsdale, AZ)
Martyrs' (Chicago, IL)
Reggie's Rock Club (Chicago, IL)
The Elbo Room (Chicago, IL)
Corvette and Chevy Festival (Valparaiso, IN)
Hemmens Cultural Arts Center (Chicago, IL)
Centennialfest 2007 (Chicago, IL)
McAninch Arts Center at College of DuPage (Chicago, IL)
The Library (St. Louis, MO)
Gennesee Theatre
Stage 83
Nite Lite Cafe
Lyons Township High School
Lot 4 Peace Festival
Tiger O'Stylies

*Some Of The Previous Bands Played With*

The Ides of March
Alan Parson's Project
Ray Parker Jr.
.38 Special
Howard Levy (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones)
Night Ranger
Nick Colione
Orange Tulip Conspiracy (members of Secret Chiefs 3 and Estradasphere)
Pride of Lions
Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon)
Johnny VanZant (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Rik Emmett (Triumph)
Lisa McClowry
Joel Hoekstra (Virgil Donati)
Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple/Yngwie Malmsteen)
Halfpenny Marvel
Trippin' Billies
Off Broadway
American English
Arrah and the Ferns
Slow Moving Machines
Or So It Goes
Unique Chique
The Pharmacy
Anthony Gomes
Aziola Cry
The Scarring Party


"Vernal Equinox" LP Released 2007

"Actress" LP Released January 2009. It is currently for sale at Best Buy stores and on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, LobsterNewberg.com, and Rhapsody*

--Actress Track Listing--

01 Set Your Sails
02 Stay
03 Bug City
04 Lost
05 Wonderful
06 Demian
07 Illusion
08 Bed
09 Tight Rope
10 Silver Cities
11 Have You Ever Been Alone

Tracks from both albums can be heard on www.myspace.com/lobsternewberg and www.lobsternewberg.com

Set List

Lobster Newberg can play sets ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Standard 45/60 minute set:

Beachwood Eyes
Set Your Sails
95 to Dubai
Tight Rope (Leon Russel cover)
Frankenstein (Edgar Winter cover)

Other Songs that get swapped in and out of the set:

African Bridesmade
Bug City
Fin Rot
Silver Cities
Have You Ever Been Alone
Lonely Don't Go
In Buildings
Kama Sutra Suicide
The Logic of Cheating
New Montana
How To Run Away

*Lobster Newberg occasionally throws a cover or two in the set, out of these:

Frankenstein (Edgar Winter Group)
21st Century Schiziod Man (King Crimson)
Happy Together (The Turtles)
Tight Rope (Leon Russell)