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Don’t be fooled by his calm, laid back demeanor because once onstage he brings a level of energy unparalleled.


Lo-Cal is that rare artist that stands out above the rest. No longer on the hush, the talented Greenevers, North Carolina native has plans to take the game by storm with his unique style and eyebrow raising punch lines. Lo-Cal is destined to be the next great lyricist for the new generation of fans.
Born Calvin Dixon on October 18, 1981, he recalls his earliest memories of music through his family's diverse record collection that included musical giants Barry White, Al Green, Micheal Jackson, Prince, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Sugar Hill Gang, Prince, and other musical greats. It was in 2001, while attending North Carolina A&T State University, Lo-Cal began to perfect his craft to become one of the best lyricist and writers in the game.
Don’t be fooled by his calm, laid back demeanor because once onstage he brings a level of energy unparalleled.
Lo-Cal states: "I am going to take it back to when the game was about lyrics. I have down South music, music for the ladies, music for people struggling, music for true Hip Hop lovers. To be honest, I'm a rapper's rapper, and I make music for everybody, because at the end of the day i'm human. I go through the same things that everybody else goes through."
His current underground release "Its On Now: Vol 1"is blazing the streets as we speak. The single "What Its Gone Be"instrumental is currently being played as a drop during the Russ Parr Morning Show several times throughout the show, that reaches over 2 million listeners each morning. He is currently performing at various venues all over the southeastern region and creating a "buzz" for himself to propel himself to the next level.


WHAT ITS GONE BE feat. B-Fresh

Written By: Lo-Cal/B-Fresh

Hook (Repeat 1)

Want you let a nigga know
What it is what it ain't
Want you let a nigga know
What it is what it ain't
Want you let a nigga know
What it is what it ain't
Shorty what it's gone
What what it's gone be

Verse 1

Don't call it a comeback why
I'm still on the come up
Still work with the flow
Just to get them funds up
Look it's all about the money man
Do a show for the dough and shine like a hundred grand
When you diamonds flawless everything is easy
She gone give the best head when she try to please me
Hey look I don't need to float your boat
But the pipe's the same size if the boy's rich or poor
She said it's not about your plumbing homie
Let you know ol' girl got an agenda homie
I call her Mo for short her friends call her Mocha
Sweet chocha and she out to get cake like Oprah
I guess we in it to win it
I get dough she get dough plus we trying to spend it
Let a nigga know let a nigga know
If I gotta kick for that just to get a hit of that

Hook- Repeat hook

Verse 2
B. Fresh

I ain't a gangsta nigga I don't stay strapped
(Well get wrong)
I'll come back with the nine like we're shooting craps
And that's a fact bit so nigga don't push me
Cause niggas is what they eat dog they straight pussy
So what it is what it look like
What's up fuck nigga you don't wanna fight
This right hand I call it chiefer
Cause it's a one hit a quitter like riefer
(Call it kush nigga)
We hit the club niggas mean mugging
But I'm looking for a freak a little cut buddy
A bit I can take home
Cause I'm a dog girl let me bury my bone
And she could have a liquor license
If that's what she been liking
But I'm a teach her something
Treat her like the major leagues make her play with wood

MAMA SAID feat. Purple St. James

Written By: Lo-Cal/ Purple St. James

Verse 1

Momma said there be days like this
So I walk with a chip now feel I’m losing my grip now
The war ain’t over troops still dying
Soldiers leaving their loved ones and children crying
Fam still feuding pops ain’t around
Little man on his own nobody holding him down
We got kids who still drop out of school
Hitting the block with no job still thinking it’s cool
My niggas locked up but when they’re released
Back to the same shit selling crack in the streets
I understand why you do what you do
It’s tough when your mom’s broke and the light bill due
Your girl is pregnant bout to be evicted as tenants
Repo bout to take your car any minute
I know the pain you feel
Just take a trip to my hood open your eyes you can see that it’s real yeah

Verse 2

Just last night I was laying on the couch
Watching TV until I got a call at the house
Got word my homeboy’s crib went up in a blaze
It was crazy cause this man died in his own place
My homie was heavy sipper
Everyday he sat on the porch and passed out from so much liquor
No power hooked up used candles as his light fixture
Who knew that drinking would come and take his life quicker
He got too drunk tripped and knocked his heater over
He would be alive today if he chose to be sober
But we can’t turn our life clocks back
Gotta stay strong to fight to keep our lives on track
At times I know that it seems life ain’t fair
In search of a brighter side but that light ain’t there
For every action there’s a consequence
For every outcome they’re reasons involved
Sometimes it’s never resolved


Written By: Lo-Cal

Verse 1

Look the cap black on black
I'm something like a mack on tracks
When niggas act don't ask
You know that's that gangsta shit
Big guns gone bang you quick
Leave you dead where you live
Niggas act retarded these days
Wanna front like got they it to spray
Keep talking that way
The right nigga pulling your card now
Like the World Trade Center watching you fall down
For letting your guard down
Same dude be up in your town with more rounds
Punking your folks down
Like no points you shut down
Boxed up in a casket boy
It gets drastic boy what's happening boy
Hey caught you on your avenue
See your life flashing by when real niggas clap at you
I'm a rapper dude don't have to act for you
Just know that it's on when I'm coming after you

Hook (Repeat 1)

Better know we bang here
Soldiers hang here
Heat we slang
Yeah nigga
No no you don't want that
Hot shit for you punks
No you don't want that

Verse 2

Just slow your role punk
I know a few dudes who pop glocks and hold pumps
You still pushing that old truck
Still with that old duck
I call her and old fuck
I had that ass in the past
Anytime my name comes up it's making you mad man
Why you so insecure
Thought that broad holding out you felt so secure
Now i'm calling up the gang again
Niggas popping shit so I know I gotta hang a man
I'm bout to put you in some danger man
Leave one in your chest and dump you on some stranger's land
Yeah them boys here making some noise here
No it ain't Christmas but they breaking out toys here
If you act they act leave you flat on your back
It's a fact they stop you dead in your tracks boy

Hook - Repeat hook


K-OTIC Entertainment Presents: Lo-Cal (2003)

IT’S K-OTIC (2004)


New Album coming Early (2006)- IT'S MY TURN

New Street CD Spring (2006)-IT'S ON NOW

Set List

Lo-Cal captivates audiences with his energetic performances and thought provoking lyrics as an MC that showcases his true prolific sound. The show is ideal for keeping a diverse audience entertained indoors or outside. Lo-Cal is available as a solo act.

Original Songs:
Let It Go
Do What I Say
What Its Gone Be
Hear That Sound
Bang Here