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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Beside the few Demos floating around, we had a few songs on Eastern Michigan's artist CD called Cellar roots back in 1999.

We have around 8,000 friends on myspace.



Local Legend started up in late 2007 and has since built up a small following through shows and the use of Internet web sites like Myspace.

Local Legend, was actually started in Downriver Detroit in 1997 and went by the name Spatula. It was formed by childhood friends Matt Martin and Dan Brooks. With Brain Ferstal on Drums and Chris Zack as the second guitarist. The band started playing local shows and quickly developed a following. The band cut Chris as a second guitarist and moved to a 3 piece punk band.

The band, trying to capitalizing on it's growing fan based went to the studio to cut a Demo record. The Demo was recorded in a small studio in Downriver owned by Happy Town Records. Happy Town offered the band a small record deal consisting of some equipment, $500, a Demo recording and promised to shop the band to larger record labels. (the band still owns all rights to all songs) The band sold 500 demos and kept playing local shows. When they went back into the studio to record a full length album, the record label dissolved. The owner of Happy Town records had died of a Heart attack. About this time Dan and Matt where graduating from Highschool.

Matt moved off to college and Dan communted to a Henry Ford Community college. About this time the Drummer Brain quit the band deciding that he wanted to go solo. Matt and Dan held tryouts for drummers on the weekends when Matt came home from school. They settled with a music major Chris Triano that Matt met at EMU. After Chris learned the songs the band only played one show with Chris before he was let go by the band. Great drummer, yet already a rockstar at heart. It didn't work out. So more tryouts. The band met with Scott Sherman, a downriver resident. Scott worked at the local music store and Matt had known him from elementary school. This lineup remained for one year and the band recorded a 30 minute demo. Shortly there after, in early 2000, the band dissolved due to Dan's parting habits.

Matt jumped from band to band for many years. (2000-2007) Some having success and some never leaving the basement. One of the more successful bands is called Hiding in Thailand, in which Matt is still a member.

In 2007 Dan, straight for 5 years, came to see Matt play with Hiding in Thailand and got the Itch to play in a band again. Matt called the Drummer from a previous band (Losing Zack) Jesse Manley and Local Legend was started. The band quickly recorded a demo and started playing local shows.

Matt Martin, main songwriter and guitar player started playing guitar at the age of 13. He is from a family of factory workers and has worked in his families machine shop since he was 8. (seriously) Matt has played in many local pop punk bands, and Graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2003 with a B.A in Manufacturing. He currently works as a foreman at his families machine shop programming CNC machines for military and automotive parts.

Dan Brooks, bassists and usually lead vocals, learned much of what he knows about music on his own. His father is a pharmacist and mother is a substitute school teacher. Dan currently owns his own landscaping company and has been free of drugs for over 5 years.

Jesse Manley started playing drums at the age of 8 and has been in many bands. Jesse is also an excellent guitar player and bassist. He plays guitar currently in a Hard Core band named BALE. While there is a definite contrast in his two bands styles, Jesse enjoys a wide range of music, which better suits his musical talents. His father is a factory worker and his mother is a house wife. Jesse grew up in Wyandotte Michigan and Graduated High School in 2002. He currently works for an office building company.

Interesting facts. Dan is a 5 year member of Narcotics Anonymous.
Matt has a 1972 Chevelle that he shows at local car events. Jesse collects guns!