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"Still Sober After All These Beers EP Review"

Newcastle melodic skate punkers Local Resident Failure are back with a tops chunk of black vinyl, their follow up to last years 'Punk Rockers Anonymous' ep. Opening the A side with 'Vigilante' the quartet pick up their Frenzal Rhomb meets NOFX exactly where they left it, this is a great opener that tears along at a blistering rate that doesn't let up for a second even once 'Trash the World' begins. Where 'Vigilante' borrows heavily from Frenzal's book of how to write a punk song, 'Trash the World' has NOFX DNA written all over it...and I love it. The awesome anti war lyrics only add to the two thumbs up I already gave 'Trash the World'. Two more gems on the flip side with 'Sunburnt Shire' that features some cool female guest vocals, and some piss-take lyrics in their Dropkick Murphys-esque 'Kiss Me im Kyerish' makes this one a winner in my book. Four good fun, beer fulled punks tunes that make me eager to hear a whole album full of LRF. The 7" is also available in cd format so you wont miss out if you dont own a turntable. Recommended. Rating: 88 - PEE Zine

"Still Sober After All these Beers EP Review"

The Newcastle 3 piece are quality entertainers. "still sober after all these beers" is heaps fun, even if it sounds like what NOFX were doing 10 years ago. Rants about bogus pop-punk revival are mixed with new ponderings on freedom of expression, which sounds strange but isn't completely unwelcome. With just 4 tracks on this EP or 7", it's designed to satisfy fans as a follow up to last years sold out 7 track EP. With lines like "I won't kiss your daughter, but I'll pash your mum", it's no wonder punters are happy to hand over their hard earned for local resident failure. - BLUNT MAGAZINE

"Punk Rockers Anonymous EP Review"

Welcome to the aussie NOFX show, the skinny singers name isnt mike, but his voice kinda sounds similar, the jokes aren't as good and who the hell is suppossed to be hefe? These guys are a cover band for every mid 90's melodic punk band and it's fucking awesome, the backing vocals suck, the guitar lines have been used before but it's really, really good. If you dont believe me listen closely to "There Is No 'I' In S.C.", written about being rejected after an audition from sydney band sydney city trash which includes lyrics, "pirates or cowboys just pick one, singing about settlers is just fucking dumb!"
- BLUNT Magazine


Punk Rockers Anonymous EP (2008), Still Sober After All These Beers EP (2009), Can't Polish a Turd EP (2009).



Local Resident Failure are a punk rock band hailing from Newcastle, NSW who represent the old school ideal of Do It Yourself ideals and methods. Being playing with each other for 2 years, they are far from over and continue to build up their underground fanbase of dedicated punk rock idealists.

So far, they have released 3 EP's. The 1st entitled 'punk rockers anonymous' sold out of the original 500 unit pressing, which saw have of the unit sold over seas including Canada, USA, and mainly Japan. Also, this EP received extensive JJJ airplay on programs such as short.fast.loud and Home and Hosed, and also was reviewed in the BLUNT magazine and recieved a very good outcome. The 2nd EP entitled 'still sober after all these beers' also recieved JJJ airplay, which resulted in the boys becoming the JJJ Unearthed Artist Of The Week in the month of April 2009, with the single "trash the world" becoming the most popular out of the 4 tracks. This EP was also reviewed in the BLUNT MAGAZINE, and once again received a very good outcome.

The boys also are featured in the latest PEEZINE in which there is a full page interview and a review of the EP scoring 88 out of 100. The 3rd EP was a internet only release entitled 'can't polish a turd' whihc saw the boys record live at the 301 studios in 1 day. There was originally 19 songs recorded but eventually it was cut down to 9, after they realised that they are not very good musicians, which is where the title of the EP was born. The boys are currently planning to record their debut full length album, which will see lots of hilarious and serious issues in which the public has never witnessed before. So LOOK OUT for more news about this, and the announcement of a Australian Tour in the Summer of 2010.