Singer/songwriters who are trying to put musicianship back in the industry. Featuring one of the most talented female vocalists in the business, "Meghan Morris."


Our band has a combination of influences ranging from Fleetwood Mac, Journey, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Aretha Franklin, AC/DC, to Poison.
What sets us apart from other bands is our drive to bring musical talent and respect back to the musicians. We believe that the singer/song writers of the world need to be heard. We pride ourselves on writing and playing great music for all.


Run Away

Written By: Location One

I can see you runnin' away, I can see you start to cry
Always turn around and stay, I can't help but wonder why... He ain't got no love to give, he's always taken what he can. Isn't this the life you want to live? Was this part of the plan

Run, run, run away Don't fall down on your knees
Run, run, run away, cause your masters got you beggin please (X2),

Don't give him your love for free, got get somethin' for you, He has got you thinkin' you look better black and blue. It started out so nice but just look at where it's gone. Soon you'll have an empty heart and girl it won't be long.

Run, run, run away don't fall down on your knee's
Run, run, run away Gotta pack it up and leave
Run, run, run away Don't you fall down on your knee's
Run, run, run away gotta leave him begin' please

Run, run, run away
{Don't you run away from me}
You gotta tell him you don't want to play no more
{Don't you run away}
You're not comon out today {Don't you run away from me}
You gotta run, run, run away

Don't tell him where your goin...I won't tell him where you've been.
Take your things and take your life, you don't need that man again.
He won't ever know just quite what he had, but you find reasons why you're never going back.

Run, run run away, Don't fall down on your knees.
Run, run, run away You gotta break down and be free.
Run, run, run away, And then fall down on your knees.
And give thanks that you know what it feels like to be free.


We have released one full length album called "KEY."
We are very proud of the work on it and are working on another right now.

Set List

As of now are typical set lists consist of covers and originals. We have 4/45 minute sets with cover songs from the Pat Benatar, Heart, Jimmy Eats World, and originals from our album.

Twice as Hard
Black Crows

Victim of Love
The Eagles

Black Crowes

Cuts Like A Knife
Brian Adams

Summer of ‘69
Brian Adams

Hurts So Good
John Cougar

Cheap Trick

Sweet Child
Guns n Roses

In the Middle
Jimmy Eats World

Fall in Love Again
Sammy Hagar

I Love Rock n’ Roll
Joan Jett

Pat Benatar

So Long
Location One

ZZ Top
Black Crowes

Collective Soul

Burnin’ Alive
Melissa Etheridge

Give Me One Reason
Traci Chapman

The Beatles

Faith Hill

Just Like Home
Location One

Every Breath You Take / Police

Every Once in Awhile

Rolling Stones
Old Time Rock n’ Roll
Bob Seger

Sweet Home AL
Lynard Skynard

Heaven’s Door