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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"The Hip Hop Community"

"Some of the illest I've heard!"
- Genuine Angel


Lochanan are definetly some of the illest underground emcees I've heard in a long time. This is a group destined to make it big, and it should only be a matter of time. Lyrically they prove to be established emcees, and have a raw, underground feel to them
- The BOSS


On Top Of Things/Bananas (Single)
Rancore Records

Big Jaz (feat Immobilarie)
Kingz Kounty (Album)
BQE (Featuring Mr. Cheeks)
Rancore Records

9-25th Street...The Mix Tape..."Men On Fire"


Feeling a bit camera shy


In the world of Hip Hop Ghost Writers are MC’s who write rhymes for others on the terms of anonymity, so the best way to describe the past 6 years of Lochanan’s career is that of “Ghost Artist”. Formed in 1998 while still in High School Che’ Logan and “Pop” Buchanan under the original name of Dot Com have been part of two projects where their contributions were given great critical acclaim but credit was given to the larger “click” they were part of. Never actually “signed” to a Label they were a huge part of the small success that small independent Rancore Records had with the Wu like group Council. They were “featured” on the B-Side of their first single release “On top of things” on the song “Bananas” which made good rotation on local NYC Mix shows and their verses was quoted in magazines such as XXL Magazine. “ We were basically the little tag a long brothers with them (Label) they gave us shine but no real credit because they had to push the Council name out there” Says “Pop” Buchanan who’s brother Dibiase was the Leader of the Council. The duo was working on there own material on their own with their own money while beginning College and doing shows with Council with the promise of being the next artists to be signed and released by Rancore, the very ambitious duo caught the eye of some great producers who were willing to help them out with their project such as Hassan Phantom of the Beats (Busta Ryhmes, Ghostface Killer) and Big Jaz (Jaz- Z, Foxy Brown) but it was one of the Songs from Producer DR Period (MOP, Camron, Smooth the Hustler) that caught the ear of Rancore Records that was the beginning of the end of their relationship with the label. The song BQE (feat Mr. Cheeks) was the party banger they felt that would bring Rancore Records the exposure they needed the Council Album dropped and they not only did they released Big Jaz-O’s album called “Kingz Kounty” featuring the Council reinvented as Immobilarie they still never signed the duo “They had Jay-Z on the Album (on the song “Lets Go”) so I guess that’s an automatic business wise.” Says Che’ Logan. It was a second song on that album, the demo of the song BQE that was put on the album as a bonus cut without credit or consent. Realizing their talent was being used more than nurtured they choose to reinvent themselves as Lochanan and just put out their own material. “Can’t Let Go” w/ “BK Zone” is the scheduled first release from the duo that will be serviced to College Radio, Mix Show and Mix Tape DJ’s and is best describe as “A breath of fresh air” and “If “Illmatic” Nas did a song with “Reasonable Doubts” Jay-Z this is that hot sh*t it would be!!” by industry insiders. You would figure these two would have been done with the whole click movement in addition to finishing their album they are working on a compilation with a click they formed while attending college out on Long Island, N.Y. “State Farm” were students (at SUNY Farmingdale) who were doing their own thing and respected each others talents “and most importantly we support each other not use each other” says Pop. The project features artists such as Jus-Allah (MTV’s Making the Band) and Pitch Blak (Motown) Pop sums up the project as this, “Our priorities may be our individual or our group careers but there is an obligation to State Farm we all feel because of all the support we gave each other through our ups and downs personally and professionally!” Well as it has been said Lochanan is a breath of fresh air that the industry needs from all the cookie cutter music out there. Their perseverance from all the adversity they have faced already has made them strong and understanding instead of jaded as many of their peers who have traveled a similar road and denied us the opportunity to hear Hip hop from the Heart and of the Heart.