We are Lockbox, The Blues-Rock power trio, dedicated to the live and loud. We are "The New Vintage", with a distinct sound that remains true to the classic rock style, while staying slightly in the mainsream. We play Rift based Blues Rock.


Based out of Fresno C.A., We have played extensively throughout the Central Valley of California. Our sound is polished and we are proffesional, dedicated musicians. We are serious about our music and strive to give the best live show we can, everytime. We are qualified musicians with educations in music theory and techniques. We are dedicated performers who love playing our music.


Lockbox-The 8 Song C.D.

Set List

Our set list is 2-3 hours, our originals include:
1. .45
2. Buiding A Dream
3. Colors of the Room
4. Whiskey
5. Turn Me On
6. Red Dress
7. Round My Door
8. Broken Woman
9. Afternoon Lovin'
10. Drink Me Up
11. OnYer Own
12. Away From Me
13. Something More
14. Liqour and Lead
15. It Won't Be Me
Our Covers Proudly Include:
1. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Momma- Frank Zappa
2. Crossroads- Cream
3. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.- George Thorogood
4. yyz- Rush
5. Watermelon In Easter Hay- Frank Zappa