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San Bernardino, California, United States

San Bernardino, California, United States
Band R&B Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos




What is the “IT” factor? Of course it is a term that is often used throughout the Entertainment industry, but what defines “IT”? What does “IT” represent? Many would say that having the “IT” factor means to have tremendous talent, great looks and a superstar’s confidence and if that defines the “IT” that many record executives dream of when looking for new artist, then look no further… Handsome, model material, writers, producers, with beautiful harmonies and a Hip Hop edge describes this male R&B trio known as Locke and they are poised to take the world by storm. These three young men, Seth Furey, Indian and Jase Ryan are in their twenties and posses the perfect ingredients that make up this incredible group, Locke. Locke’s journey began with each member set on individual paths that ultimately led them to each other. Seth Furey, raised in Boston, MA began singing in his church choir at the early age of 8 years old. Growing up, Seth taught himself how to play the piano and saxophone while skillfully crafting his songwriting abilities. In 2004 Seth received a full four-year scholarship to Berklee College of Music, graduating in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Business but not before moving to California to intern at Warner Music Group. While in pursuit of his dream of becoming an entertainer, Seth’s path led him to a young California producer who calls himself Indian. Indian, born “Micheal J. Marcey II” was raised in Southern California. He has been writing and producing since the age of 10. Indian, who has interned at major record companies, has been crafting amazing songs working with artist such as B2K, New Boyz, Jesse Powell and Teddy Riley. After meeting Seth, Indian got the idea to form Locke which led them to Jase Ryan. Jase Ryan was born and raised in Southern, California and began singing in his church choir at the age of 6 under the guidance of his father Robert Brown. As Jase grew up he developed a fiery passion and love of singing and could not shake the feeling of wanting to become a superstar, so he began vocal coaching with Rene Bowers and writing his own songs. Jase had no luck with previous group attempts, so he set his sights on a solo career. While working on some demos, Jase was introduced to Indian through a mutual friend and the two clicked instantly. Indian immediately brought Seth in to the picture and the three of them decided to form this incredible R&B trio Locke. Locke quickly began recording their “Love on Locke” album independently, writing and producing the entire masterpiece. “We all have different styles, We have a strong R&B vibe, Seth also has a Pop edge and Indian brings the Hip Hop element as well, so when listening to our music you get a real diverse sound” Jase exclaims. While performing all over Northern and Southern California, and having a strong internet presence, Locke is quickly building a major fan base, mostly made up of screaming high school and college girls ecstatic at the first glance they get of Locke. “As soon as we walk out on stage we get an instant reaction from the audience without singing a note” Seth explains. Now set on a path to becoming regional stars Locke is ready to sign a deal with a major label and take what they have been building and turn it in to world wide success. “I know that we are ready to become the next superstars in entertainment because God has been working on each of us since we were young, preparing us for this moment” Indian says. With the right team in place Locke is sure in becoming the next bright stars in the Entertainment industry and when you see them shining please know that it is only the beginning of what is yet to come.







Members: Jase Ryan, Shandren, Seth Furey, Indian

What is the “IT” factor? Of course it is a term that is often used throughout the entertainment industry, but what defines “IT”? Many would say that having the “IT” factor means to have tremendous talent, great looks with superstar confidence, and if that’s the definition, then Locke must be IT. The handsome four Jase Ryan, Shandren, Seth Furey and Indian posses the perfect ingredients that make up this incredible American R&B group. With their beautiful harmonies, sex-appeal, extraordinary song writing and music production abilities, Locke is poised to take the world by storm.

The Los Angeles, California based foursome has already made some amazing accomplishments as an independent group formed in 2009. Aside from writing and producing their first album, titled Love On Locke and self distributing the project on iTunes, Locke has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazine articles, performed at big concert venues opening for major recording artists, along with making their worldwide television debut performing on BET’s 106&Park. Locke is proving that lightening can strike in the form of sexy R&B singers while slowly rising as one of the most popular American R&B groups, as screaming fans flock to see them at any given chance.

The guys have been persistently working towards realizing their dreams as solo entertainers amidst the ups and downs of life’s curve balls, until their paths inevitably led them to each other. “I feel that Locke is a God send because it started with me, Seth and Jase but when Shandren joined the group it felt like the final piece to our puzzle was added,” says Indian. “The connection between us is strong, kind of spiritual and sometimes a spiritual connection is stronger than a blood connection, meaning we’re really like brothers.” Jase Ryan says.

Locke is currently finishing their mixtape titled The R&B Versions, with the first single Exception already getting radio spins. “We’re excited about the mixtape, it’s giving us an opportunity to express ourselves and show different sides of Locke, “adds Shandren. Soon after the completion of The R&B Versions Locke will return to the studio to begin work on their new album, which is currently untitled. “We’ve grown and experienced so much since our first album that it will definitely reflect in our music, I feel our fans will be very happy with our new album, it will be like a personal glimpse into Locke’s different personalities, plus we have a few surprises in store,” smiles Seth. “Besides ourselves as creators, we want to capture this new sound coming out of the Inland Empire, CA so we’re using the producers and writers responsible for it,” explains Indian. So what can fans expect from Locke‘s new album? Says Jase Ryan: “We’re kind of pressing the reset button on R&B music sort of speak because it has definitely evolved. “The goal is to bring something new to our fans and things are looking really good for us right now” says Seth, optimistically looking toward the future. Shandren adds lastly: “We’re determined to reach the goals we’ve set for ourselves, this is only the beginning of what is yet to come so be sure to stay locked on Locke.”

Jase Ryan
KNOWN AS “The Pretty Boy”

KNOWN AS “The Heartthrob”

Seth Furey
KNOWN AS “Mr. Romance”

KNOWN AS “Thug Sexy”