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Lockestar @ Viper Room

W. Hollywood, California, USA

W. Hollywood, California, USA

Lockestar @ Fitzgeralds

Huntington Beach, California, USA

Huntington Beach, California, USA

Lockestar @ The Cat Club

W. Hollywood, California, USA

W. Hollywood, California, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Give me a powerful jolt of energy listening to you guys power thru this classic punk/pop rocker. Reminds me of classic 70's punk immortals like 999 and Johnny Thunder's Heartbreakers, but has enough modern sounding edginess to appeal to fans of Green Day and the other new punk bands. Middle section is interesting -- the intensity of the instrumental build is compelling. Sounds like you guys have put together a really solid rock 'n' roll combo!!!" - Taxi A & R

Material: Lockestar plays original songs about troubled relationships. In songs like "Falling in Love" and "Thinking About You" the joy of emotional attachment, and the frustration of being rejected and shattered, are expressed. The pain of falling too hard, with fatal consequences, is again nicely detailed in "Walking Dead," while "Let Yourself Down" is about not letting someone take advantage of you. The band's "Boy Band Blues" departs from the relationship theme with well-written, entertaining lyrics about breaking into the music industry.

Musicianship: Lockestar is a relatively new band that formed in 2001 when the Locke brothers from Chicago joined lead guitarist Damian in Los Angeles. The recent addition of drummer Flip has given this group's punk attack an updated, harder rock sound. Dressed in grand punk style, with theme colors of red and black, Lockestar delivers a balanced performance both musically and visually that is enhanced by an ability to sing in unison.

Performance: Looking very happy just to be onstage, Lockestar delivered a high-energy performance that connected with the fans. In addition to singing lyrics in a style similar to the Beatles and the Beach Boys, the group's menacing onstage energy took cues from the Ramones. The audience interacted by singing along, while jumping and catching lollipops thrown into the crowd by Damian. J. T. wrapped it up by recruiting fans to dance with the band onstage.

Summary: The recent addition of a drummer has taken this former string trio to the next level, paving the way for this act to develop into a tighter punk band. Lockestar's solid songwriting abilities give the group's material a special connection with its audience that allows the band to stand out. Tour plans are being made so that Lockestar can take its music to a wider audience - Music Connection

Before reviewing this CD, I decided to check out the band on their website. After looking at the photo page, I thought I was dealing with some Good Charlotte rejects. I'm glad that when I put in EVERYTHING ROCK 'N' ROLL SHOULD BE, they sounded nothing like the corporate mall punk ambassadors. In fact, unlike Good Charlotte, Locke Star has talent. Some of the tracks on this album are fast paced up tempo power pop punk songs ala Screeching Weasel and The Queers. The other tracks are more rock influenced, like "Walking Dead". I really like the rock tracks and the power pop tracks. Overall, a very solid release.
-Dane Jackson - Skratch Magazine


Diary of a Broken Heart - 2005
Radio Song, Sorry That Im High and Your Attention Please have all had radio airplay.
Everything Rock 'n' Roll Should Be - 2004
Falling in Love and Walking Dead have had airplay.


Feeling a bit camera shy


From their catchy songs and memorable hooks, to their heavy guitars, along with a phenomenal stage show, Lockestar is quickly becoming one of LA's most exciting new bands.

Lockestar is based off of one simple philosophy: "Great songs with an energetic stage show." With their blend of brit beachy pop vocals and a heavy backbone of music, it is hard to categorize their music.

Formed in 2001, they have established themselves as one of LA's hardest working bands. Lockestar consists of the duo J.T. Locke (vocals/guitar), Johnny Locke (bass/vocals), Damian Norman (guitar/vocals). J.T. Locke is the musical force behind the band. He has been writing music for over half his life. His influences range from: Queen to Ramones to Butch Walker. Johnny Locke has been performing in bands since he first picked up an instrument. His raw bass lines and energetic stage presence defines his style today. Damian Norman brings a raw guitar sound amd unique vocal style to Lockestar. His high end vocal harmonies and low end guitars puts a unique stamp on Lockestar.

One of Lockestar's most notable attributes is their reputation for live performances. From smashing instruments to erotic dancers all the way to fans coming up on stage to sing their favorite songs, they make sure to put on a high energy show.

Today Lockestar's hard work, raw energy and creative blend of music is quickly launching them to the forefront of LA's music scene. They are looking for an opportunity to show the world their abilities and talents.