Locksmith and taktile

Locksmith and taktile

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Imagine "Outkast Outwest" A hard driving sound with a party vibe through hip hop that makes the whole room move. Two artists with their own following have come together to bring us the best of both worlds and prove that two heads are better than one. WE GETS DOWN


What happened by accident became magic. Locksmith was layering vocals in the same studio that tak was and as the Hennessey poured the two ended up collaborating on a track. By the end of the bottle the hit song "Back to the Flo" was born. Instant praise and attention from each of the artists fans followed. Feeling the chemistry and the compliment that each artist offered, the natural path was to continue making music.

Locksmith has enjoyed being #16 on the UK charts reaching 30th on the USA dance charts with "Beauty Queen" which he features on for Mutiplatinum selling group SNAP. Hailing from Kentucky Locksmith grew from roots of soul and hip hop music. After being featured on a VH1 music special Locksmith is residing in LA and further planting his seed in the music scene.

A veteran of the industry, taktile has carved out some notches in his belt as well. From recording in Ice-T's studio to leading seminars on the new music industry , taktile has the know to match the flow.

Check out the EPK of Locksmith and taktile for more on the buzz that is being titled "OUTKAST OUTWEST"


"Back to the Flo" - Nov 2006
"Beauty Queen" - Snap featuring Locksmith -
(Loc) #16 single in Germany March 2006
#30 USA dance charts
"Open Letter" EP - March 2006 - taktile
- "Chronic 2006" - Nov. 2005 - taktile
- "Hidden Agenda"LP 2005 - taktile
- "what the problem is" - song of the week Garageband.com - taktile
"Keep your hate" Screetch of the Decapitated soundtrack - taktile
Welcome - Locksmith EP 2004

Set List

Sets vary from 20 minutes to 45 minutes depending on specifics of the venue
Carried Away - Locksmith and taktile
Composure - Locksmith
Mix Medely - taktile
My Gift - Locksmith
Lets Get Blowed - Locksmith and taktile
Good Times - Locksmith and taktile
Ready or Not - Locksmith and taktile
Back to the Flo - Locksmith and taktile