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"Locksmiths: Key Listening"

I've been a fan of Andrei Maurer's for several years now, spanning a few bands. His songs are subtle on the surface (not a bad thing), but the lyrics and melodies get more impressive the deeper you listen. He's a great writer...Let's hope his latest indie-rock band Locksmiths will stick around...He and his Locksmiths bandmates deserve a good listen.

-Blake Dannen, Pulse Weekly - Pulse Weekly


Locksmiths - In the Land of the Skunks. EP 2009



Locksmiths hail from the cultural mecca which is the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, an exotic land where cement factories spew exhaust into low grey skies. The Valley is the archetype for communities ravaged by failed industry, but Locksmiths don’t get all down in the dumps.

We’ve got Rock ‘N’ Roll! Oh, Sweet Rock ‘N’ Roll…thou art both rocky and kinetic. Thy dulcet tones ring from the hills and bathe the good people in pools of distortion-soaked nectar. Locksmiths lay these heavenly sounds at the altar of Thor, because of the more well-known deities he looks the most like he’d be in a band.

Locksmiths like to play a lot. That is why we keep playing. People seem to like to hear us, so we keep having places to play. The shows are fun and energetic. The songs are catchy and engaging. The lyrics are carefully crafted and thought provoking. The arrangements borrow elements from the full spectrum of modern popular music – Pop, Funk, Jazz, Country, Folk, Indie, Prog, Ska, Grunge and more, but the result is surprisingly cohesive.

Locksmiths formed in March of 2009 and almost immediately began performing around the Lehigh Valley as well as in Philadelphia and New York City. The sound has matured very quickly and they continue to evolve and challenge themselves. Locksmiths are dedicated to developing as performers, artists, and technicians. They want to be the best band they can be.

Andrei Maurer, Singer/Guitarist, is a professional guitar instructor and has a B.A. in Jazz Guitar Performance. He goes abnormally long periods of time without shaving. He will often stare wildly into the distance in a fashion that creeps out little children.

Kyle Pett, Guitarist, has been playing music since he was an infant. He failed to get the phone number of a super cute girl who was dancing at the first Locksmiths show. He wears flip-flops at inappropriate times.

Greg Gulick, Drummer, has a degree in Sound Engineering. His forearms are unusually short.

Jason Ritter, Bassist, has 15 years of musical experience. He is a very hairy man. He once picked up traffic cones in the Holland Tunnel.