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Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Solo Country Americana




"Lockwood Barr w/Sydney Robinson, Kelly Ruth, Archive Nights & Iwasraisedbywolves"

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"Vanderbilt senior releases "The 25th Hour""

Posted on January 18, 2012
by Kristen Webb
Not everyone can make their childhood dreams come true. Luckily for Nashville music lovers, however, senior Sarah Barr is not everyone.
During the winter break, Barr released an 11-track album titled "The 25th Hour" under the name Lockwood Barr, choosing to go by her middle name in the music world. Last Tuesday, the album was officially released for purchase on iTunes, allowing Barr's music to reach a wider audience. Fellow Vanderbilt senior Michael Arwood is also featured on the album, as well as performing with Barr at all her Vanderbilt shows.
On her passion for music
"When my sister started taking piano lessons, I would hide behind the railing of our staircase and watch jealously," Barr said. "After each lesson, I would race down the stairs, sit at the piano, and try to copy what she had learned. Finally, Mom and Dad took the hint and signed me up."
The road to a music career continued throughout high school, as she began to arrange and write her own songs.
"I found myself needing to articulate things that I just couldn't say out loud in normal conversations, so I said them in my music," Barr said. "My songs became the way I processed the world."
On making the album
Barr worked with Vanderbilt professor Jen Gunderman to produce "The 25th Hour", a process which began in August of 2011. Throughout the album-making process, Gunderman coached Barr on her music as well as her approach to the recording studio.
"[Professor Gunderman] taught me to have faith in my music in a way I never have," Barr said. "There were times when she would force me to allow the recording engineer use a less perfect vocal take because my emotion was more raw. She wanted listeners to feel my heart and soul in the album, as cliche as that sounds."
In addition to coaching Barr on the production of the album, Gunderman also offered advice on the music itself, even suggesting an unexpected accordion accompaniment in Barr's song, "Broken".
"I was almost offended," Barr said. "Accordion? On a tragic love song? But it sounded incredible...I got chills. It's definitely one of the biggest surprises on the album, and I couldn't be happier."
On the difference between recording and performing
As a Vanderbilt student, Barr has been performing at on- and off-campus events for her entire college career, but found that recording was a much different process.
"Body chemistry changes in a studio. It's a completely different experience from live performing," Barr said. "The majority of my vocal takes, for example, were done sitting on a bar stool, leaning back against the wall of the isolation booth."
Overall, "The 25th Hour" took several months of production, including 72 hours of recording, three days of track mixing, and then two months of extra thought before spending a fourth day to finalize the tracks.
On releasing her own album
"It's both terrifying and freeing," Barr said. "Music is an art, not a science, so, in a way, I know that I have nothing to fear because not everybody is going to be partial to my style of music, and that's life."
"The 25th Hour" includes songs written during Barr's high school and college years, and the tracks are all based on personal experiences, which make the act of selling the album all the more real for Barr.
"At the end of the day, it's a dream come true," Barr said. "I've been able to bring life to my music and sell it. I'm still not used to it!"
How to purchase
Barr's music is currently available via iTunes and http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/lockwoodbarr">CDBaby, or by visiting her Facebook page and requesting a physical copy. - The Hustler

"Meet Singing Superstar Sarah Lockwood Barr"

Sarah is currently a senior at Vanderbilt who is breaking into the music business. Under the name Lockwood Barr she already has released her first CD “The 25th Hour” (which is incredible) and is available on itunes. She recently performed at Tin Roof where she was fantastic! You may have seen her host at Spotlight or at homecoming as one of the Top 10 Most Outstanding Seniors. Here are a few questions to get to know Sarah better:

When and where did you start performing?

When I first got to Vanderbilt, I only played at events on campus. While I had grown up singing and performing in plays and choirs, it felt different to get up and play original works in front of unknown audiences. There was definitely an adjustment period for me.

It wasn’t until the summer between my sophomore and junior year that I started branching out. I lived in my sorority house on campus that summer, and decided to spread my wings. My first gigs were open mic nights at smaller venues close to campus venues like Rebar on Division. I worked my way up to different writers nights downtown and at the Nashville Palace. A few weeks ago, played my album release show at the Tin Roof on Demonbreun.

How did you first start getting your name out there in order to get gigs?

I performed anywhere I could get a mic! It started with open mic nights, and then I would meet someone who booked singers at a hotel downtown, where I would meet another booking agent. It all just snowballed.

Do you have another gig coming up?

I’m working on putting together a few more shows at the Tin Roof before classes end, but I have to make sure it works with passing class! I’m also about to release my first music video for the song “Wake Me Up.”

What is your favorite part about performing?

I can say things in my music that I can’t speak in normal conversation. When I’m on stage, I just let go. I’m free.

How many instruments can you play and which is your favorite?

Three (four if you include voice): piano, guitar, vocal. I can’t name a favorite; it really depends on the day. The past few months, I have been obsessed with my banjo. I will sit on my bed and play it for hours, and I’m constantly looking for new ways to use it in my music. However, this past week, I’ve been feeling the need to pour my soul into the piano keys.

What song are you most proud of?

Summer Rain—it’s one of the first songs I wrote. I started writing sophomore year of high school, put it in a drawer for two years, and finished during my first semester at Vanderbilt. It is the story of my childhood, and I’m in love with the arrangement that somehow created itself in the studio.

Has being at Vanderbilt helped your music career at all?

Absolutely. I’ve had the best of both worlds. Vanderbilt has been a typical college career with midterms, existential life crises, wonderful roommates, and music row right next to me along the way. I have been able to grow and mature with the help of world-class musicians who inspire and challenge my craft. I want to write music that many different people can understand and connect with, and feel like the life I’ve lived at Vanderbilt has allowed me to do that. My life here is blissfully normal.

What is your major?

Child Studies with a Minor in Spanish

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

Here in Nashville, making a living in the music industry.

If you weren’t singing, what career would you want?

I would go into counseling or education policy.

As a senior, what has been your favorite memory at Vanderbilt?

The weekend of the final home football game, Fall 2011. That Friday, I stayed up all night for the Relay for Life. When Relay finished, I took a short nap before rolling out of bed for a phenomenal game, and then tailgated into the night. It was 48-hour period full of friends, community, school spirit and embracing my youth. And of course, Rand brunch followed on Sunday morning. Vanderbilt is a people school, and that’s a huge part of why I love it so much. Nothing in life is worth anything without the people we love, and I feel like the Vanderbilt lifestyle embraces that ideal.

Thanks so much Sarah and I can’t wait to hear you on the radio! And for everyone looking for a new favorite song (“Call Me Maybe” can’t last forever) go check her out on itunes as Lockwood Barr!
- Her Campus


Still working on that hot first release.



Lockwood Barr is an Americana artist currently based in Nashville, TN. Her extensive resume includes sharing the stage with Tyler Hilton, Anne Hills, and Wiz Khalifa.

Though she was raised outside of San Francisco, her roots are in the South, and Lockwood attributes her eclectic writing style to the opposing cultural forces from her childhood.

Lockwood and her band are recognized for their tight rhythms and inventive melodies. Lockwood Barr most often play shows around Nashville, San Francisco and New York City. She can be found anywhere from larger festivals like Nashville’s Rites of Spring to smaller local events like Relay for Life marathons.

Upon her arrival in Nashville as a student Vanderbilt University, Lockwood Barr quickly inundated herself in the music scene. Her first major project was for the Nashville Ballet’s Second Company, and included arrangements of three original pieces, one of which she wrote during the choreographer’s creative process. She continued to develop her sound with sets at venues such as the Nashville Palace and Hotel Indigo, and by the Fall of 2010, Lockwood had booked her first small tour in the Boston area. Recent performances have brought crowds to venues including Nashville’s 12 and Porter and The End, New York City’s The Bitter End, and Hoboken’s Whiskey Bar.

Lockwood Barr released her debut album, The 25th Hour, in December 2011 to a sold-out house at historic 19 Broadway in Fairfax, CA. The record is an illustration of Lockwood’s life, with songs reflecting her love of Queen and pieces reminiscent of early Sheryl Crow tracks. The album is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and physical copies can be ordered through any of Lockwood’s fan pages.

June 2012 marked the premiere of her first music video for the album’s opening track, Wake Me Up.


"There's a lot to be said about Lockwood Barr's stage presence and musicianship -- It's definitely something that I haven't seen in live acts in a long time. Her ability to captivate the crowd and have fans singing along was amazing. Definitely one of the best acts to perform on the Rites of Spring stage this year."

--Mayank Bishnoi
President, Rites of Spring

"I found the unique sound of the music and the lyrics fun and satisfying. I was impressed that she played so many instruments with perfection. I left the cd in my car and listened for 2 straight weeks."

--Rodney French
Official Sponsor, Music City Roots

"The perfect soulful blend of pop customs and country seasoning, her tunes are effortlessly entertaining."

--Meryl Natow
Tobe Report

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