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Americano the album is LOC-O's first official release
scheduled to be released July 4th, 2006.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Key Points of Interest:
* LOC-O holds a BS in Communications from ENMU
* In 1996, LOC-O was shot point blank in the chest with a 9mm pistol and nearly died
* He is currently pursuing a masters degree at Webster University
* Real Vato Ent. seeks to represent youth who in spite of their outlook continue to overcome obstacles

Ruven Reyes Ortiz was often bullied and chased from his elementary school.
After bullies beat him and threatened his sister, Ruven began toting a baseball bat to school.
He took on a tougher demeanor and after a few incidents, Ruven was never bullied again. He was
flamboyant and disruptive in class. His attitude worsened through junior high. He bought the soundtrack to
the movie “Colors” and was fascinated by the sound and lyrics of the rapper ICE-T. He would recite the lyrics
over and over in his mind and began to mouth out the words and mimic the attitude of his new found hero.
“I am a nightmare walking, psychopath stalking, king of my jungle…”
Ruven Wrote:
“Fear finally consumed me as a young man. I didn’t understand the world and why it rejected me.
I learned the power of hatred. First I hated myself. Then I hated my mother. I cursed and I spit.
I spit venom. I hated my school and my peers. I hated their opportunities and families.I hated society.
My anger was fed by the flames of the past. I remember being poor and how it felt to be laughed at.
When I was 16, I stole my first gun. No one was laughing at me anymore. I smoked weed.
I drank 40 ounce bottles and flipped off the police. I stole from my neighbors and gave to the poor. I felt my
family and friends were the poor. I thought I was righteous. I was beaten by those just like me. I shot at and
beat others who were like me. I was beating myself. I learned the passion and the power of hatred.”
Ruven was shot pointblank in the chest with a 9MM pistol off of Main Street in Roswell NM. He was shot along
with three other young men in a street fight that escalated into gun play. Ruven was flown by helicopter to a
Hospital in Lubbock, TX where he nearly died. His lung collapsed and he was released a week later, only to
return a week later after re-collapsing his lung while smoking weed with his friends.
Ruven’s father was never around. His mother did the best she could but the hustle and gangster rhymes of
rappers like 2 Pac, Ice Cube, and Cypress Hill became the soundtrack of his life. He was living la vida loca.
His wild ways and bravado earned him a new name:LOCO which he then modified to LOC-O (Loc’d Ortiz).
It was then he met Juan Carlos Martinez (Cooley Man ).The two became inseparable. Cooley was an
established emcee in the local market. He was also a hustler. Cooley shared a similar background as LOC-O
and already owned his own house, car, and studio at 16. LOC-O hit the block with Cooley setting up shows
and hustling. The two began to promote Double Down Ent. from the already established 2 Down Crew.
Along with M.C. Phirst the two hustlers sparked magic on the streets of C-Town. On a cold snow-filled evening the
party to end all parties was taking place. For nearly three days the party had been raging on. LOC-O and Cooley
were seen in and out of the house on the night leading up to the murders…
Part II Coming Soon!
LOC-O now possesses a degree in communications and his first official release Americano is scheduled to
drop July 4, 2006. LOC-O’s unique style incorporates the Southern elements of Hip Hop with the style and attitude
of Reggaeton. LOC-O posesses a mixture of talent and determination fed by the flames of the past. LOC-O
is poised to set his mark on the future of Hip Hop.
“The bullets and blood have only added fuel to my ambitions...”_ LOC-O