L.O.C of Reckless Rhymacide

L.O.C of Reckless Rhymacide

BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

My music is real,raw & passionate at the same time. Just about anybody from any walk of life can relate to my music. My music serves as a voice for every ghetto across the world. Both ,men & women can relate & enjoy my music. Whether you in jail or the free world my music is acceptted by both sides


L.O.C was born & raised in the urban areas of Indianapolis,IN. Growing up in the streets of Indianapolis,IN.. L.O.C was a product of his environment which consists of poverty & high crime rates. L.O.C's passion for music has always been there but it was in 1994 when he was serving a 8yr prison term when he started to put his thoughts on paper which inspired him to pursue a career in the music industry. Since his release from his incarceration he has performed at several different venues in Indianapolis,IN & surrounding areas. He is also a member of the group Reckless Rjhymacide which consists of him & his brother Krazy-K they released the EP Young Black Males in 2002. Since then L.O.C has released the street mixtape titled "Access Granted From Da Block 2 Da Booth" which was in 2006-2007. He has worked with a host of Dj's in his city & has recorded several solo tracks. His music is real & rarely will you hear him talk about something he has not seen or done in his music. This is what separates him from other artist because when the audience listens to his music they can see the pictures that paints trough his music. Inspired & influenced by the trials & tribulations in his life growing up L.O.C has undeniable talent with a lot to offer the music industry. He is currently working on future mix tapes & his debut solo album. Also he is preparing to go on tour which is titled "The Midwest Tour"L.O.C understands the terms you don't work you don't eat that's why he is dedicated,determinated ,& disciplined to be a legend when it is all said & done.


2002 Young Black Males EP was released independently
2006-2007 Access Granted from Da Block 2 Da Booth(Mixtape)

Set List

It depends on the venue & if it is other artist in the showcase. If it is a showcase with a variety of different artist then I will perform for about 30 minutes. It has to do with the pay too because I can perform longer it all depends on what the promoter or venue wants & the budget of the whole situation.