Lo Down Freq

Lo Down Freq

BandEDMHip Hop

Aggressive electronic jams straight off the gritty streets of NYC. Hip hop influenced and party perfect.

The producer, Michael W. DeLeo, is a young, attractive hustler with a million dollar smile.

The future is bright on this one...


Michael W. DeLeo was born n' raised on underground hip hop and is currently inspired by artists like Pretty Lights, Bassnectar and Big Gigantic. Fat Beats NYC is where the music cultivation began and hipster Brooklyn is where it presently resides.
Michael W. DeLeo relies on his music theory backround to craft addictive chord progressions which differentiate him from today's common "chaotic synth" artists. M.W.D. layers this aural frame work with polished synth sounds, cruising bass lines and thumping drums. This formula offers an ear catching sound with lasting appeal.
If you can't find Michael W. DeLeo in his studio forging new material you'll find him working on his physical appeal. This man is a hustler by nature and a body in constant motion.


Hot Freedom; Dec 2012
All 8 tracks can be found on numerous viral mediums including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

freEP; Oct 2011
5 Tracks