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LO-FI is a Hamilton based band that mixes elements of rock, hip-hop, reggae and punk to create the soundtrack to great parties!


LO-FI is a dirty little rock band that proudly comes from the streets of downtown Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. LO-FI was started in 2003.

"My friends and I are all musicians and we like all kinds of rock, hip-hop, punk, and old-school. We decided to try and mix all of these sounds together and see what happened. We liked the results so we decided to call it LO-FI. We figured LO-FI was a good name because the whole thing was real simple and fun", says singer and guitarist Todd Knight.

Rounding out the lineup is Ken Corke on bass, Jamie "Lips" Cameron on lead guitar, Adam Benning on drums, and D.J. Rev Selecta. Each of the band members have been around the music industry and the live circuit with a number of different bands over the years. LO-FI represented a fresh start for these rock vets. LO-FI produced a demo CD and started playing live in early 2005.

"We were really lucky to gain a following almost right away. The people that come out to our shows are pretty insane. They actually influence our songwriting quite a bit. It's a two-way, back and forth thing. We fuel them with the rock and they fuel us with their energy and all of the crazy "goings-on" at our shows. It's really a cool thing. We're lucky."

After a bunch of live gigs in early 2005 LO-FI headed to Organ Music in Hamilton to work with producer Vince Sciara (Dodger, Finger Eleven, The Livid) in August of 2005. The result was an in-your-face record referred to as, "The Red Album".

"It was the hottest summer on record in Canada and there was no air conditioning in the studio. It made for a really hot and sweaty record. We were 100% happy with how the record turned out."

Plans for the future include ripping up the live scene and writing for an upcoming E.P.

"For us it's all about writing and playing live. We want to keep trying to bring the best show we can and continue to recruit more freaks and weirdos to our crowd. We love this shit, so stay tuned."


Back Up Off Me

Written By: LO-FI

Back up off me cause yer killin my buzz,
Come on everybody turn it up, turn it up,
Back up off me cause yer freakin me out,
Come on everybody turn it up, turn it up.

She is retarded, she's blowin my mind,
I turn up the music I can still hear her whine,
Aren't I lucky, cause she is all mine, oh my god.

Now I am wasted and wastin my time,
She's makin me mental, I'm losin my mind,
Aren't I lucky, cause she is all mine, oh my god.

And now I must decide, which way to go,
She makes it easy when she blabs on the phone,
Aren't I lucky, cause she is all mine, oh my god.

The Booty

Written By: LO-FI

Because I'm right on time,
Well I was right on time,
For the booty.

You'd like me if you knew me,
Is what she used to say,
But I don't need no sweet talk,
When I'm lookin for a lay,
So ride me like a horsey,
And punch me in the face,
If you're lookin for a lover better look some other place.

Why don't you just tell me,
The way it's sposed to be,
My cotton candy kisses hangin from your rosary,
Well you can have your cheap talk,
And your pleasantries,
And I'll take some Old English and a pack of Trojan please.

I can see you naked,
I look while you're asleep,
You're ass is in the mirror and it's smiling back at me,
So leave me in the morning,
That's what I like to do,
But come back in the evening please,
And bring your sister too.


LO-FI Demo Sampler, 2005

LO-FI The Red Album (Full Length CD), 2006

Set List

LO-FI generally plays a high energy 45 minute set. We play original material with a few covers thrown in for good measure. Our current setlist is:

Boom Box
The Booty
She's Dope!
Back Up Off Me
Drug's In My Pocket
It's Like That Y'All
Move Your Body
Jack & Jill
Drop The Break
Jolly Cut
5 to 10
I'm Not Your Boyfriend
Wiggle Room
Strip Club D.J.