LOFI 911

LOFI 911

 Oldham, England, GBR

LOFI911's music is a combination of dance/rock and hip hop,old computer sounds and his own piece of art. Generally most of the sounds are like noisy porsche 911 engine ^^...just kidding....no,honestly -:)


Name: Luke
Age: 31

Began to mash up when I was a kid at the age of 13 and since then fully devoted to the music, focusing on broken beats/twisted melodies and beats. Instead of thinking about school, music was above anything else and most of all my passion.
The LOFI911's music is a manual work, which means, tapping every note individually, note after note, sound after sound.
Huge fan of beats and samples.
Many of the sounds are programmed using software synth and machines (like Korg Triton ex, Roland JP 8000, Korg Z1, Novation Ks5 and more...cant be arsed to write them all down -:) ,maybe later. I love 8 bit sounds, using them very often.

Lover of 8-bit chip tunes and old arcade games.

My life approach:
One of my friends said once :its not that he likes cartoons he is the cartoon
Sorry for all that mess in this bio description.

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