Lo-Fi Chorus

Lo-Fi Chorus

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Lo-Fi Chorus is the innovative, Americana performer for the intelligent listener, with emphasis on original song writing and getting big sounds out of one player. Lo-Fi is a singer/songwriter who grew up in music and while completely original, references music history in music and lyrics.


Lo-Fi Chorus is the singer/songwriter project brought to you by Erik Thompson. It is rock and roll in the folk, soul and country traditions. It is dark, it is funny, it is complex, it is simple. Erik enlists musicians from many circles for recording and touring, quite often he performs alone. Erik has welcomed players from bands such as centro-matic, The Drams, Baptist Generals, Melt Moment Function and Dove Hunter. Erik has opened for the likes of The Supersuckers, Rogue Wave, Low, Old 97s, centro-matic, The Drams, The Frogs and countless great bands. Erik is very engaging performer and wonderful storyteller. He is a song crafter and consummate performer. He takes classical training into the garage and creates very intuitive melodies and interesting chord structures. He stands on the shoulders of giants and remains very Lo-Fi Chorus. Lo-Fi is active in anti-war activities, and has raised funds for groups such as the Humane Society, the Committee for International Peace and Men Against Violence. These politics are woven into the music with tales of fact and fiction in a way that stimulates the intelligent listener. Lo-Fi Chorus is the thinking person’s boot stompin’, bar ramblin, tall tale tellin’, contraband runnin’, whiskey drinkin’ music. Please, buy the records and come to the shows, thank you.....Good Night.



Written By: Erik Lee Thompson

if a cannonball and a limousine
took you somewhere
took you to my dream
i'd be waiting outside a plane
i'd be going somewhere
'till i forgot your name
going somewhere
'till i forgot your name

and the phone poles carry a line
take you somewhere
down the old grapevine
if you listen you'll hear a sound
it is my body falling to the ground

california and tennessee
have a highway leading you to me
i am driving
i close my eyes
leaving the road
into deep blue skies


LP01, "Pod-8." 1998, out of print.

LP02, "The Lo-Fi Chorus." 2001, sold at shows and BandCamp.

LP03, "Something in the Air." 2005. http://www.goodrecords.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&manufacturers_id=458&products_id=1801&zenid=204cfa121ecf17d8b52bca310db46aa8?disp_order=5
and BandCamp.

LP04 "Interstellar Hayride." 2012 (Coming Soon).

also on iTunes.
Streaming music at BandCamp, ReverbNation, MySpace and more info at Facebook

Set List

We have three kinds of sets that we play. We do a 2.5 hour set with a break in the middle on nights where we are the only act. When we headline we do around an hour depending on how many bands on the bill. When we open, we do a 30 minute set.