Logan 5 and the Runners

Logan 5 and the Runners

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Explosive Boston-based electro-glam rock band known for their concerts which include Moogs, loops, and platform boots.


Logan 5 and the Runners are a Boston-based electro-glam rock band known for a dramatic live show that includes Moogs, loops, and platform boots. Their acclaimed, self-released debut album Featurette, recorded over 10 days in a rustic Vermont barn, was released on January 17, 2009.

The press says: "Keen as mustard and tingling with a touch of James Bond sophistication, the Boston five-piece arrive as a bright purple antidote to gloom" - Coke Machine Glow. "A retro, Velvet Goldmine-esque swagger mixed with the fresh exuberance and sleaze of the more glam aspects of Brit pop" - Delusions of Adequacy. "The result supersedes its own glitter. Yeah, it’s a Britpop record ... but the cold synths and strangled guitars make it seem the songs would be at home playing in a rusty flying car from Blade Runner" - the Boston Phoenix. "... could take on the indie club as easily as it could the arena" - the Weekly Dig.

Singer/guitarist David Berndt named the band after cult 70s sci-fi movie Logan's Run when several friends pointed out that he looked "a lot" like a young Michael York – the actor who played "Sandman" Logan 5 in that film. While L5ATR don't have songs about heavy-handed sci-fi with political overtones, much of their music is inspired by cinema. The trashy epic "Neely O'Hara" is dedicated to a character from Valley of the Dolls, "Subtitles" compares love to a foreign language indie film, and Featurette's cover art is an nod to La Nouvelle Vague.

The sound on Featurette is sometimes called "retro-futuristic," which could be in reference to the band's liberal use of ancient synths like the Optigan, a Mattel-designed adult toy organ from the 70s, and the Crumar, a back-breakingly heavy early 80s monosynth used by the likes of Duran Duran and Sun Ra.

L5ATR formed in 2006 after Berndt split with ex-Shelly Winters Project collaborator and Boston rock icon Rick Berlin. Chris Barrett plays keyboards and trumpet, Mike DeLisle plays bass, Marc Beaulieu plays drums, and Nick Balkin plays guitar.

Contact: Nick Balkin, 617.365.7382, thebalkin@gmail.com



Featurette (January 17, 2009)

Set List

Girls of the Internet
Passing the Time
Take Me With You
Neely O'Hara

Twilight Zone (Golden Earring)
Queen Bitch (David Bowie)
Are Friends Electric? (Gary Newman)
It's a Sin (Pet Shop Boys)
In the Meantime (Spacehog)
2 HB (Roxy Music)
Love is the Drug (Roxy Music)
More than This (Roxy Music)
The Thrill of It All (Roxy Music)
Do the Strand (Roxy Music)
Virginia Plain (Roxy Music)
Ladytron (Roxy Music)