BandEDMHip Hop

A DJ From Baltimore who grazes the best in electro, dance, house, and anything good. From remixes to originals, it's all there. Currently focusing on the Baltimore crowd, but never looking away from anything house or dance music. Shows are always energetic and raw when Logan is playing...


Since I was about 12 or 13 years old I've been listening to Electronic Music. It started with trance such as Tiesto, Corsten, Van Buuren, etc. Also within this time I was big into Punk Rock and Ska. I liked this music mostly because of the energy it put out. Punk wasnt always the most talented style of music, but there was always energy behind it. As I grew I was drawn to the Electronic and Dance scene more and more. Getting into House music, mostly. When I was around 17 I started producing. I studied music as I drove around delivering food. Listened to certain tunes and tried to figure out in my head how the artist created the song. "He put reverb on that and delay on this, chopped this in this way and used this style bass synth". I figured out how to make music on my own and only recently have I taken interest in Classes and such for it. Around the same time I started DJing. Mixing daily, still haven't stopped. I also thought of songs that would mix together well while I drove around or sat or around or whenever I was listening to music. Creating some great sets on the way.

After doing numerous house parties and such I got tired of people asking me for ridiculous requests. That's when I started wearing a blank face mask. It keeps people away, then they listen to the music and just dance instead of trying to get my attention. Once they see how into it I get, they usually get into it themselves. Moving crowds at college parties until the cops come.

My most unique standpoint as a DJ is trying to bring Baltimore club and other House music together. I always try and think "What could I do safely at a Hip Hop club?". With idols from Diplo to Justice to Daft Punk to any of my punk influences such as At The Drive In and Refused,my music usually is a mashup of the best of all.

It's said all the time, but this truly is my passion. Everytime I stand behind my setup, I put my all into it.





I only have a few releases currently

2 Remixes and an original

Logan - Ayo

Logan - Pop (Pop bottles remix)

Logan - Itsnew

Set List

Typical set is around 1Hr 30mins to 2Hrs long. It can vary and be changed to suit whomever.