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Logan J

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What do you do when you combine boundless energy, dance moves to die for, a powerful voice, and an angelic face? You get the "Real Deal", "Triple Threat Kid", a.k.a. Logan J. Logan J is an urban, hip hop, rap, party, get up and dance kind of girl.


Logan J is only nine years old, but this young artist possesses maturity and wisdom well beyond her years. She has booked numerous dance jobs, commercials, pilots, and films and has performed live all over Southern California and the United States. She is driven by her passion and conscience and is constantly reaching out to those in need. She is one of the ambassadors for "Kids with a Cause" , "Shane's Inspiration", and "United Cerebral Palsy".

Performing live in front of large audiences is nothing new for this rising star. You may have seen Logan J performing and touring with talented artist's like Texacal, Blackfoot, Lady G, 4 of a Kind, and TKO. She has performed live at Universal Studios, BB Kings, The Celebrity Center, House of Blues, The Omni Awards, Day of the Child Benefit, Black College Expo, Peace Fest, The Oasis, La Quinta Resort and Spa, Knott's Berry Farm, Macy's Passport Shows, NOHO Arts Festival, Pepperdine University's Midnight Madness event, Fashion Week with Mattel and Benneton in New York, Mall Tours, and countless golf tournaments, dinners and high profile events.

Logan J is one of the youngest female rappers and is quickly making a name for her self in the industry. She is also a very accomplished singer. She is currently working on a new album with Sony Records Producer Bruce Vanderveer a.k.a. "Automatic". Her music taste is varied and she can be heard singing everything from musical theater, old soul and r&b, rock, blues, rap, etc.

As a trained technical dancer and an amazing free stylist. Logan J is making people stand up and take notice. She is one of the youngest female Break Dancers working today and with skills such as spinning on her head, she stays quite busy. These talents also won her the title of Junior Overall High Point Winner at The L.A. Dance Force Regional and National Competitions in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In her spare time Logan J works on her music, rides her horse, hangs out with family and friends, plays with her dogs and just enjoys being a kid. The sky seems to be the limit for this young artist.


Keep Dancing

Written By: Logan J and Automatic

Just feel the beat beating
Hungry, let it feed you
No problems, no worries
Leave them at home
Just Keep Dancing

Just feel the beat beating
Hungry, let it feed you
Predjudice don't exist
No homelessness
Just keep dancing

Verse One
Yo I feel a party tonight
Even in these ruff times
Everything all right

Got the world on ya mind
Let it ride tonight
We havin' a good time
Let it slide tonight

Ooh - Let the beat bang up in the club
While the DJ spin thangs up in the club
I got my friends and they showing me love
Peace signs in the air man, givin it up

B Section
If you feelin alright let's rock tonight
L.O.G. getting down in the spot tonight
We makin the whole town get hot tonight
C'mon now everybody let's get right tonight


Verse Two
I'm so tired of the news today
Everybody waan hate
Cause they're not the same
Every suit getting paid
Tryin to hurt the game
It's the youth of today
Gonna make a change

On the floor only us for real
We can dance, no pain
Let's bust for real
when you feel the beat hit
Tell me how you feel
My club, it's the only place
Keepin it real

B Section

Chorus repeats

Stand up

Written By: Logan J


Stand up, stand up, everybody stand up
There's people in the streets ain't gettin no love
Stand up, you got to give some
Make your Grandma proud, let me big you up

Stand up, stand up, step away from the crowd
Do something now, stand up
Come on, you got to give some
Ain't your bling or your dubs
Stand up

Verse 1

See the children crying in the streets alone
Man this is something I can't condone
The wind came like Katrina, swept away homes
And where was the king? Yup sitting on his throne
Help was the word texted on my phone
And the cries in the street came like a ring tone
Everything you own, in a blink could be gone
Picture your life, man, without a home


Just put your hands up, yup
We gonna get this plan up, yup
We gonna tear this jam up, yup
Everybody stand up


Verse 2

Yo, I got to feed them liver man, you they dogs
Livin off that bacon like they was Boss Hog
You can pay ya' tax, still they ain't got ya back
Betta stan up, we ain't sittin down for that

Time to attract people to the cause like tape
Got to stick together or we goin' be stuck too late
We the future, politic and stand up right
L.O.G. we pushin the real fight


Just put your hands up, yup
We gonna get this plan up, yup
We gonna tear this jam up, yup
Everybody stand up



Just put your hands up, yup
We gonna tear this plan up, yup
We gonna tear this jam up, yup
Everybody stand up

Everybody stand up, everybody stand up

If you up in the club, you can't be sitting down
Pump ya fists, stand up now

Verse 3

All I'm trying ta do is get you in the frame of mind
All I'm trying ta do is make it, we don't fall this time
All I'm trying ta do is hit you in the heart where it hurts
All I'm trying ta do is show you what ya life is worth

I've been ready since birth to walk this green earth
To help you feel better cause I know it hurts
Man, I got your back, you got my back too
I'm focused, I'm somebody down for you
I be speaking my mind, it's a sign of the times
I may be a youngster, but not in the mind
It's time to release these mental handcuffs
Every race, every culture, everybody stand up


Stand up, stand up, everybody stand up (repeat)


Keep Dancing
Don't Quit
Stand Up
Things Change
What Do You See?
Watch the Beat
Kids in the Mix
Budda Body Bounce
What's Going On?
What's the Difference?

Set List

Typical set list can be everything from a single song performance to a 30 minute show. Type of music varies depending on the event and the age and type of audience.