Logan Venderlic

Logan Venderlic


Music as his shrink, Venderlic delivers magnetic songs that swing on a temperamental pendulum between the mania of childhood’s purity and the depression of adulthood concession.


Logan Venderlic has two very different people fighting for his soul: one, an innocent boy; the other, a disillusioned young man.

Raised in a traditional Catholic family in rural West Virginia, Venderlic grew up an optimistic and naïve child with a guilt complex. At age 10, he picked up a guitar and began writing songs with lyrics like Sunday hymns and melodies like the pop-punk rock he was addicted to during his adolescence. Yet, as Venderlic grew older and left for college, new social forces began to bear down on him. Strange people with new ideas came around, and his music and life began to mature and take a different shape. He basked in autonomy from his adolescence based on irrefutable reason. However, with this newfound freedom came a loss of innocence and an abysmal uncertainty about the world.

Now, music as his shrink, he delivers magnetic songs that swing on a temperamental pendulum between the mania of childhood’s purity and the depression of adulthood concession. He stays true to his Appalachian roots with an indie/folk/rock sound that reminds many of The Format; others have described his music as “Bright Eyes meets blink-182.” Striking honesty and witty undertones make his lyrics unique yet relatable, and his skillful, melodic guitar-playing is catchy and original.

Venderlic’s emergence onto the scene fills a void among young singer-songwriters in the music industry, breathing a fresh breath of air into a growing genre. He is bringing along as many new friends as he can make to take sides while the war for his soul is afoot.


A Walk With a Girl

Written By: Logan Venderlic

Up from the underground
Two Boots, we’re hungry now
The streets here remind me of home

They angle and turn around
Pirouette, straighten out
Midtown’s Bohemian beau

Vinyl and vintage tees
Yesterday’s memories
Lament the decay of a cause

Try to reclaim belief
Wandering Bleecker Street
Imagine the way that it was

Julia, don’t let my confidence fool ya
I’m just as nervous
I hope holding hands will preserve us

(Because) Yesterday is gone now
Time to find tomorrow
Wake up from your dreamin’
Wipe away your sorrow

Chelsea’s a diamond ring
Charming and everything
With castles I’ll never afford

Then on to 20th Street
Where secrets they used to keep
Turned into gallery wards

Me, Me, Me

Written By: Logan Venderlic

Who's gonna steal away with you from this town
When duty and debt call, but we're not around?
(Cause) Who's gonna be the one who makes you feel free?
Only me, me, me

Who's gonna talk with you under the stars
'Til the ghosts go away and they close down the bars?
(Cause) Who's gonna still be there with the sun in the east?
Only me, me, me

The world's full of luminous thespians
How silver-tongued and pretty are they?
But soon their facade, like a man made of straw
Will collapse in a tattered display

Who's gonna harbor your hesitant thoughts
About things like politics, religion, and God?
(Cause) Who's gonna know you to the greatest degree?
Only me, me, me

The world's full of numerous gentlemen
How privileged and pretty are they?
But soon you'll discover one's just like the other
Much to your dreaded dismay

Who's gonna hold you when your world falls apart
Write song after song, merely to mend your heart?
(Cause) Who's gonna love you (even though you're kinda crazy)?
Only me, me, me


Written By: Logan Venderlic

I’ve dried up what was left of all my patience
Every day I wake up all alone
I’m haunted by the visions of your beauty
Lord, pick me up, I need to go back home

October’s cloaked in black inside my memory
The looking glass is frozen with your face
My back is breaking holding onto nothing
While my hands just want to be around your waist

So grow on like a twinleaf
So fragile and so weak
Snowy, white, and beautiful today
By tomorrow will be dead and gone away

A hue that’s brighter than the summer sunrise
Frames the still life portraits in my head
Maniacally search backwards through the story
And overanalyze the things you said

Loneliness is now my constant partner
I’m effortlessly falling every day
I’m waking up uncertain and so empty
I’m falling asleep feeling the same way

Re-Learning How to Fly

Written By: Logan Venderlic

So am I to stand here and do nothing?
While you’re out having fun on your own
I used to think what we had was something
But now I’m left standing all alone
Something’s changing how you’re feeling
And I’m in repose
First was straining, now I’m reeling
I want you to know

That I’m falling
But I’m finding faith again
This is the most beautiful sky
You’re calling
This is the perfect place to begin
Re-learning how to fly

I can see everything from this place
It’s so clear when you’re not in the dark
I used to think what we had was disgrace
But now it’s changed, and the difference is stark
Something’s changing how I’m feeling
I’m not in repose
First was straining, now I’m healing
I need you to know

A Bitter Sense of Comfort

Written By: Logan Venderlic

If I promise to clean up again
Dump the whiskey, toss the medicine
Throw it out, and reel it in
Save for once or twice on the weekend

And maybe I’ll write songs for you
About the endless things we said we’d do
A melody so sure and true
Like the night calls softly to the moon

A bitter sense of comfort
Is standing in my way
No matter what the number
Of promises I make
I know she won’t stay

If I tell you I’ll go get a job
Give the dream up, live the life I fought
Break on down, accept my lot
Try to see all the good things I’ve got

Or we could be spontaneous
Ride the train, or maybe take the bus
To places you find curious
High from the excitement, we’ll find love

Far away, inside my memory
How innocent we were
Full of hope, full of energy
It all begins to blur


Manic EP