logic probe

logic probe


A menacing dark cloud of electronic noise radiation weilding hammering beats blended with apocolyptic ambient soundscapes that combine into a cerebral, almost ritualistic meshing of sound and cascading blocks of rythm.


Beginning in 1998, Logic Probe have been a driving force in the Seattle electronic music scene. They are steadily evolving while remaining at the bleeding edge of electronic music.

Logic Probe continues to step beyond the capacity of thier CPU's to create boundless textural and rythmic soundscapes with an artistic, yet chaotic depth. "The Seattle duo create meticulously designed melodic electronic music that's occasionally ruptured by glitches and microscopic fissures. They also can generate splenetic beats and renegade video-game atmospheres when the whim takes them." Dave Segal notes.

Derek Linaman and Dave Ford, with the release of their fifth cd "Duel Panther", have keenly developed a lasting concept of strattling the fine line between meticulous structure and utter chaos. Logic Probe have always drawn inspiration from nature, science, and philosophy, as well as gleened from the vast catalogues of each members' music collection. Logic Probe's unique and somewhat lo-fi sound, in this age of super-clean, vocoded, auto-tuned radio-pop, is derived almost exclusively from found sounds, grizzled vinyl, television and film - anything and everything that is free. In other words, yard-sale instruments, circuit bent keyboards, and whatever else can be plucked out of time and space has been injected into Logic Probe's music.

LP have shared the stage with such artists as Richard Devine, Telefon Tel Aviv, Apparat, Lusine, Proem, and Uberzone.



Artist: Logic Probe
Title: Duel Panther
Year: 2009
Label: Self Released Dustortion Records

Artist: Logic Probe
Title: Honesty Kills The Slow
Year: 2004
Label: Self Released Dustortion Records

Artist: Logic Probe
Title: Rok-3lektr0n1c
Year: 2001
Label: Self Released Dustortion Records

Artist: Logic Probe
Title: Rok-3lektr0n1c Promo
Year: 2000
Label: Self Released Dustortion Records

Artist: Logic Probe
Title: Logic Probe
Year: 1999
Label: Point Records


Artist: NoisePoetNobody
Title: Utopian Murder Conspiracy Remixes
Year: 2007
Label: Backwards NW Records
Remix: Utopian Murder Conspiracy (Logic Probe Remix)

Artist: Obelus
Title: Remixed
Year: 2004
Label: Static Factory
Remix: Colossus' Hidden Camera RMX, Duroc's Dustortion Rebortion Mix

Artist: Waxwing
Title: Intervention: Collection + Remix
Year: 2001
Label: Second Nature Recordings
Remix: Spanish Remix

Artist: Botch
Title: We Are The Romans
Year: 1999
Label: Hydra Head Records
Remix: Thank God For The Worker Bees


Type: Film
Title: For The Cash
Year: 1999
Label: Lower Level
Song: Helavatr (Unreleased)
Additional: Derek and Dave play small roles in the film.

Type: Film
Title: Edge Of Quarrel
Year: 1999
Label: Excursion
Song: Prepark from Logic Probe S/T
Additional: Derek plays a small role in the film.

Type: Compilation
Title: Seattle
Year: 2004
Label: Fixelplix
Song: Gibbon Drei Berlin Edit

Set List

30 minutes to four hours