Loisaidas is an upcoming bachata band based of out New York City. Our music is an honest expression of real life experiences relating to young and old alike. Combining the "ritmo" of Dominican folk music with the swagger of the big city, Loisaidas is redefining bachata.


The Lower East Side of Manhattan home to many multicultural revolutions has undergone the process of gentrification, transforming from Miguel Piñero’s beautiful barrio to a trophy of status and prestige. Amid this affluence and prosperity there remains pockets of hunger, it is that hunger that drives the innovative psyche of Loisaidas and bachatas musical revolution. Since day one, this four member group (brothers Aquiles and Hernan Núñez, Isaiah Parker,William Bisono) has vowed to change the game. It is Loisaidas loyalty to that bold statement that has allowed them to do just that: Change the Game.

Bachata, a traditional music of the Dominican Republic, engages itself in a consistently rigid set of rules and guidelines. However, Loisaidas don't submit to those rules and regulations or the template set before them. Rules are meant to be broken, music is meant to change, to evolve. Sit and listen to Loisaidas and take notice of the music as they see it, a collection of life experiences, and a portrait of themselves. Their music is a product of growing up Dominican in the urban Lower East Side.

It is on tracks like Contigo and Jazmin de la India (Pintura) that Loisaidas distinguish their technique. Vocalist and song writer, Aquiles Núñez has extraordinary gifts, a beautiful passionate melodious voice and a pen that has been touched by the heavens. Teaming with younger more reserved brother Hernan, a.k.a Harmony, together they create melodies and vocal arrangements that give Contigo and Jazmin de la India (Pintura) their individual sound and allow bachata traditionalists to listen to the music with a distinctive sound.
Producer Isaiah Parker is the son of a world famous jazz bassist and how does he top that, he transforms the echo of the most popular form of Latin music in the world today. The term musical genius is not exhausted on Isaiah. A self taught prodigy of a variety of instruments, Isaiah has worked untiringly alongside Aquiles and Harmony to produce Loisaidas musical masterpieces. Sit with the group and it is difficult to imagine them thinking of something other than music. Isaiah’s productions on tracks like Contigo are a stunning success of Bachata, Hip Hop, R & B and Jazz.
Much of Loisaidas early success lies with the dedication and determination of William Bisono, the groups manager, rythmn guitarist, and most importantly friend. It was his early vision and belief in the group that has allowed Loisaidas to flourish. On November 1st the culmination of Bisono' s efforts came to fruition when Loisaidas signed with 8*48 Enterprises
Make no mistake; Loisaidas are just as comfortable composing traditional bachata as they are their own sound. No Me Dejes, undoubtedly demonstrates these young bachateros are steps ahead of their competition while staying true to the more traditional sound. Since day one, these life long friends have committed to their aspirations. Aquiles has a brilliant and notable presence with the ability to paint vivid pictures through words. Harmony is rhythm personified, reserved to march to the beat of his own drum that he shares with the world, and Isaiah a true genius, whose mind and hands have conjured bachatas new sound forever. Loisaidas are at the fore front of bachatas musical revolution, they welcome you to join. Words by: Robert Cirilo


No Me Dejes, 1st single off the "tragedy N triumph" LP

Set List

5."She's Gone"
6."No me Dejes"