Lokane is a unique and original up-and-coming band bringing a combination of hard rock,heavy metal, and non-offensive lyrics to ears everywhere. Prepare to be LOKANEized.


Jerry Animus and Dave incognito formed the band known as Lokane in the early months of 2003. Jerry Animus and Dave Incognito formed Lokane in the early months of 2003. The roots of Lokane and its music run deep from its members and their influences. A diverse group of talent and influence meshed to form something new and original.
After working together on other projects in the past, such as Lucifer Storm and Euphoric, Dave and Jerry decided they needed something new. They desired to create a new more commercially driven project that would satisfy their musical hunger. After a few line-up changes, Dave was given the phone number of Frank Palmieri, someone he had worked with in the past on a project called Serpentine.
Frank decided to go down to the studio to hear the band after speaking to Dave. After only one rehearsal Frank decided to become a full time member of Lokane. Frank’s style of drumming was exactly what Dave and Jerry were looking for. During the month of July 2003 the group worked 2 songs to perfection, “Pulling Me Down” and “Bleed Into Me.”
The month of August found the band in the recording studio working on their first 2-song demo. During the tracking of the 2 songs, and the loss of a bassist, Lokane ventured forward on another quest to find the perfect replacement. The man for the job was none other than Chris Laprete, Frank’s cousin and former member of the group Ill Minds. Chris brought a style all-his-own helping to write some of the songs you hear the band perform today most profoundly the song “Unclear.”
The year 2004 brought the band back into the recording studio to work on their upcoming album Lifeless. After recording the bass tracks for the main portion of the album, the band was forced to part ways with Chris, as he was committed to serving his country in the US Navy. Since this was not a sudden move, the band had already decided on Chris’s replacement.
Enter Jimmy “The Lizard” Carangelo. Jimmy is a bass player who at this time we cannot define. There is only one thing that can be said to sum him up, energy. He has more energy than any person the band has come in contact with and it shines through on stage.
Currently the band is working on finishing their album Lifeless to be released in late summer 2004 under Wild Cauldron Records. The album will be a must have for fans of any type of heavy music. It will capture the raw talent as well as the soul of all those who have worked and put their time in to create the band known as LOKANE


2003 - 2 song EP
July 23, 2004 - "Lifeless" full length CD debut
"Bleed Into Me" and "Pulling Me Down" available as streaming audio on Garageband.com.
Rotation on IRG Internet Radio at CDSmash.com

Set List

Pulling Me Down
Bleed Into Me
Killing My Flow
Darkness Falls
The Dying Light
Average set length 45 mins
Occasional remake covers of 50's rock, 80's rock and early 90's rock.