Santee, California, USA


Anderson (Vox), Zachary Stahl (Guitar), Jacob Bruggema (Bass) and Andy Cato (Drums) in San Diego, CA. Following Cato's departure in June 2009 to join the Blue Man Group Las Vegas, LOKED fell upon the good fortune of acquiring their current drummer, Travis Kammer, in August 2009. Kammer had previously played with Anderson in a band in high school and was also childhood neighbor of Bruggema's. His addition to the group was exactly the element that the band needed to bring their material to its current standard of bad-ass-motherfuckery.

Since debuting the now current line-up of LOKED, the band's straight foward approach to writing classic songs as well as their goddamn electric live show has been winning over crowds, gaining friends and earning respect throughout the Southern California metal scene. LOKED's sound is a distinctly unique blend which the band likes to call "So Cal Groove Metal". Their style has been noted for Anderson's powerful vocals and in insightful lyrics with the music of Stahl and Bruggema containing traces of Pantera, Rage Against The Machine, Tool and AC/DC, respectively.

In 2011, the band released their first EP, 'Buy This, Get Laid.', which was met with great response from the bands fan base as well as a multitide of new fans from around the world via Internet radio. The first run of the album quickly sold out within a matter of weeks of it's release and has caught the attention of a handful of independent record labels. Though currently unsigned, LOKED will independently continue to push its debut EP throughout the Southwest region of the country throughout 2011 and beyond. If the band does sign to a label, it will be on their own terms.


Buy this, Get Laid EP 2011

Set List

American Made
Inner Demon
Self Pride
A War Within
Echoes of Silence