Lo-Key Fu

Lo-Key Fu

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

"Perth breaks royalty ... in constant demand the world over"
(Reuben Adams, Xpress Magazine)

“He stands out clearly from the pack as a musician’s musician, demonstrating both skill and talent in unstinting and equal measure”
(Greg Kowalski, Inside Magazine)


If anyone asks what Lo-Key Fu has been doing over the last year or so, the short answer would be wading his way through the thick of a musical mid-life crisis. But last year is old news, and there’s a new Fu in town.

Armed with a shiny new rig, dangerously raw live set and a stack of belting original breakbeat, Lo-Key Fu is slam back in the frame and serving up the next episode with synths blazing.

After making his first mark on the electronic music scene around a decade ago, Lo-Key Fu gathered early momentum through a combination of old fashioned elbow grease and innovative use of modern technology.

Plunge into the present, and his unique sound has wowed national and international audiences, the list of accolades and awards is relentless, and media have tagged him everything from ‘Breakbeat Terrorist’ to 'Perth Breaks Royalty'.


2011 Itchy Techno Finger (Digital, HOF01)
2010 Style of the Rising Filter (Digital, DF14)
2009 Someone Like You RMX (PCDCOM46)
2008 Style of the Rising Filter (12” Vinyl, DF14)
2007 Gung-Ho (12” Vinyl, TFBB01)
2007 Canopy Compilation (CDA, ‘Sanctuary’)
2005 WAMI Compilation (CDA, ‘Tech Resurrection’)
2005 Jigsaw Compilation (CDA, Deuce01, ‘FortyForty’)
2004 Itchy Techno Finger (CDA, QS013)
2004 WAMI Compilation (CDA, ‘We Are Future’)
2004 Semikazi Compilation 2 (CDA, ‘We Are Future’)
2003 Crystal Queen (CDS)
2002 WAMI Compilation (CDA, ‘A New Breed’)
2002 Semikazi Compilation (CDA, ‘Style of the Rising Filter’)
2001 On The Fly (Live) (CDA)
2000 Lincoln Street Switch EP (CDA)