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"Loki The Grump - Live @ Acme Underground 10-02-04"

Loki The Grump - Live @ Acme Underground

by Kylie Buchanan

"Hmmm... I like this. As the music starts, there's a huge crunchy punk sound that comes flying out. Then, as the vocals kick in you get a rather pleasant surprise. Instead of the usual weak talentless female punk singer, you get a strong voice, full of character! … I love how the singers voice is so damn strong, it gives the music that much needed kick away from the usual punk sound. Such character. It's like a female Jello Biafra. Amazing!" - Kylie Buchanan - Distant Warning

"LOKI THE GRUMP is the itch you love to scratch!"

“LOKI THE GRUMP is today's "in yer face" boot stomping punk! …The band works together to suck you into the vertigo of their grumpiness; you cannot turn away, and you happily submit! Like a rash that stubbornly resists cortisone, LOKI THE GRUMP elbows their way into your heart… This is music to get a speeding ticket to, to push and shove people to, to throw your ex's stuff out the window to…. "Brand New Me" is destined to kick and scream its way into mainstream radio... "The Brink" is a delightful grouchfest of pangful soul-bearing words and sounds. The songs are well written and an apropos mirror of this generation's struggle with the mind games that seem to go along with the quest for love. Anxiety, frustration, abandonment are all heightened by the musicianship which is punchy, infected by frisky hooks and driving pulse… Production is raw, naked, simple, LOUD - like back when Billy Idol was in Generation X, and before Green Day's greatest hits album. A nicely solid freshman effort, we can expect greater things from this already impish, wickedly entertaining gang. LOKI THE GRUMP is the itch you will love to scratch. Repeatedly.” - Vanessa Taylor - Bits'O'News

"Get up, Get down, Get grumpy"

Loki The Grump
Get up, Get down, Get grumpy
New York City
Jafzi Records / Indie
By: Kristen

Loki the Grump is not unlike a fine ale: smooth and refreshing with a bit of a kick. And surprisingly, not all that grumpy. Well, at least I wasn’t after experiencing their tunes for the first time. The band consists of Michele on lead vocals, Howie on guitar, Phil on bass and Dawn on drums. The entire band often chimes in to shout the chorus, and who doesn’t love a good sing-along? Their music is described as “X-ray Spex meets Vice Squad meets Hole with a sprinkle of Garbage & Siouxsie”. Loki the Grump is definitely punk-rock, but not in the rip-your-eardrum-out-viciously-and-throw-it-up later type way. More in the oh-hey-this-is-different-and-doesn’t-sound-like-mass-produced-garbage-sorta way. The band’s fan base has been growing steadily, and rumor has it that even folks on the other side of the Atlantic are just achin’ for some Loki. They recently were played on a few notable rock shows, like Q104.3’s “Out of the Box” and a show in France called “Babes in Boyland”.

Loki the Grump’s first ever EP called “The Brink” is out now on Jafzi Records and is available on their website, www.lokithegrump.com. The first track, Brand New Me, begins simple enough. Basic chords that I pretended not to wrestle with when I wanted to be in a punk band in high school. Only, Loki somehow manages to turn a few chords into a fun song that’s bound to get stuck in your head for a least a few hours. Brilliant. “How Could I Forget?” will remind you of all your failed relationships and your best friend’s boyfriend whom you hate. Everybody loves abuse, kids. “Shockingly Happy” has a tune that, for whatever reason, conjures up images of Poly Styrene in my head. Perhaps her and Michele are related? “Here I Am” is the power ballad of the group. The song goes from slow and foreboding to screamy and gritty, and then it’s over before you know what hit you. The final song, “Your War”, is the only quasi-political song on the EP. This is the live version, and it’s full of Tom Moreno-esque guitar effects. “I won’t pledge allegiance to your WAR!” Right on, sista.

Loki the Grump may very well be coming to a town near you. They have a show on July 15th at the Trash Bar in Williamsburg , NY . The following day they’re playing at the Blackstone in Cumberland , RI . For more information on their tour schedule, be sure to visit www.lokithegrump.com.

So, there you have it. Are you ready to get grumpy?

- Northeast In-Tune Spotlight Review

"Melodic Angst"

Loki the Grump are Michele (vox), Howie (guitar), Phil (Bass) and Dawn (Drums). The quartet is known for their punchy hooks, driving pulse and a strong female vocalist who brings it all together. Kind of like the lovechild of Black Flag and Poly Styrene. Michele's unique vocal stylings communicate anxiety, frustration, and abandonment with power and volume - which some would say a punk band really needs to be great.

Their 5-song EP, The Brink, is an energetic power-pop-punk ride that takes you by surprise. There is a strong retro-punk feel to The Brink; mixing genres and inspirations from X Ray Spex, Oingo Boingo, Siouxie, Vice Squad and early XTC. In fact, Kylie Buchanan on the Distant Warning boards likened Michele to Jello Biafra! Michele's vocals give the album a strangely fascinating sound which grows on you with each listen.

The band has gained a following and they were recently featured on Q104.3 / New York’s “Out of the Box” show with DJ Jonathan Clarke. A photo of the band appears in the 10 year anniversary collectors' issue, Issue 54, (Mar/Apr 2005) of ROCKRGRL Mag in association with the charity event Girls Rock & Girls Rule III, benefiting V.O.W., an arm of the Battered Women's Resource Center, organized by Gail Silverman. Give yourself an adrenaline-filled treat and check em' out live; you won't be sorry.

- Radiogirl & DJ Boy - Church of Girl - Church of Girl

"Recommendable piece of music!"

Translated from Serbian: "Another issue from "Jafzi Entertainment" label is an EP of the group…Loki The Grump. It is interesting that the main inspiration of the band's music comes out from the British new wave. We could find influences from… X Ray Spex, Hazel O' Conor, Toyah, and also from the more poppy oriented performers, Holy and the Italians. The female singer creates a specific performing energy and the band, in a positive way, follows the direction of the aforementioned period… their sound is also urban and modern. Two songs stick out as more attractive and inspiring: "Brand New Me" and "Here I Am". And in "translation" - this is quite a good issue for their discography beginnings, and a recommendable piece of music for all new wave and post new wave freaks.” - Branimir Lokner - Barikada


“When I heard the cd, I immediately thought of Stiff Little Fingers, that same punky energy. Love the attitude of Michele's voice, I can't think of any female lead singer out there now with such attitude. :) Maybe a little like Chrissie Hynde.” - Deborah M.

“Grump-a-licious! 'Brand new me' kicks off this CD & within 20 seconds you know this will be an EP that dominates your play list for the next few weeks. Michele’s slyly angst vocals give Loki a strangely fascinating sound that gives them the edge over any other debut CD I've heard in a long time. 'Here I am' has a hauntingly beautiful start that crashes into the chorus declaring a girl’s determination to keep her man. The song moves in waves moving from the melancholic moment of waiting for the phone to ring to her fierce resolve to retain her roaming lover. This track is my firm favourite & secures a place for Loki the Grump’s next EP (or indeed Album) on my shelf. - Riquez

“While I enjoyed the punky energy, I was immediately gripped by the upfront attitude of Michele, the lead singer. As a fan of unique female artists like Patti Smith, Etta James, Debora Iyall, Siouxsie, she's a breath of fresh air. There's nobody out there like her now. Backed with solid musicianship, catchy tunes, it's the perfect cd for a fun evening.” - PumpGoddess

“‘..but i'm taking control now, leaving you in your own hell’ ...the best bits of jagged little pill, green day and the pistols....that’s what I heard, yet unique. What a surprise that was, really woke me up.....amazingly good......don't lose that fire in your belly guys....” - Dougie

“Excellent stuff! ...those lyrics are tear breaking on times, hats off to you if they came from the heart. Loki Rules the CD player at the moment, and Brand New Me is my mobile ring tone...you should see the looks I get!” - Welsh-and-Proud

“Upbeat punk to smash your furniture to! This NYC upstart has been having a groundswell of support in the clubs. Their first release is brimming with energy and will have you bouncing along. [Howie] switches through a barrage of pedals while he is backed up by a solid rhythm section and explosive vocals. Check out "Brand New Me" for a great rock tune and "Your War" for a bit of political punk rock.”
- A Seaside Town Made of Ice Cream Slowly Melting

“Grumpy is the new black! This is an outstanding debut EP. Loki the Grump weave tight, solid punk/pop around lyrics that are intelligent, empowering, and dark, but also extremely funny. Vocalist Michele delivers the goods. Personal favs are "Shockingly Happy," a sort of anthem to apathy, and the blistering "Your War." Darkness was never so much fun!” - Garry N.

“I want more!!!! This CD is great. It's angsty and political and slightly poppy. Catchy enough that you find yourself singing along, but not so much that it makes you ill. The only complaint I have is that it's not long enough! When the CD ends, you'll be left wanting even more! (AND the drummer is hot!!!)
- Cutie

“This CD kicks your CD's arse! A riotous escapade in the perils of punk resurrection. These kids are tight. Mixing genres and inspirations from XRay Spex, Oingo Boingo, and early XTC. Throw in the manic frustration of Black Flag, but with the vox stylings of Poly Styrene and you've got the adrenaline rush that is Loki the Grump. So buy the CD, turn it up, jump on the couch and throw stuff off your balcony. Anger never sounded so good.”
- absinthe minded professor

© 2005 Loki the Grump - What the fans have to say about LTG's EP:

"I want to drive far away from here with this as my soundtrack!"

Michele Jaffe, the singer of Loki the Grump, sounds like she’s been scorned...a lot. Her lyrics are full of despair, being left behind, refusing to be left behind, and being content with it all.

The EP opens with "Brand New Me," a song that brings to mind older Green Day and other poppy bands. I love the verses!! Another one I like is "Here I Am," a psychotic song about refusing to let go of, or go away from, the one you love. There’s a live version of "Your War," giving me a hint of what they’d be like live - haunting and memorable.

I want to drive far away from here with this as my soundtrack!

Loki the Grump seem to already have gathered a good-sized following (which proudly bear themselves as the Grumpies), and have played at places such as CBGBs, the Knitting Factory, and Acme Underground. They plan to expand their tours soon so keep an eye open - I get the feeling this is one show you don’t wanna miss!

-Kelly Allumi
- GirlPunk.net


The CCNY Sessions - Who U Callin A Pussy
The Brink - EP [Jafzi Records]
Take A Look at the Punks (Dave Sharp Tribute Album) [Troopers]

Q104.3 "Out of the Box"
Babes in Boyland (France)
The Jeans Generation (Bosnia)
WVBR FM (Ithaca) "Last Exit for the Lost"
Church of Girl
Indie Rock
Local Music Now

UK fans have made "Brand New Me" their ringtone!



LOKI THE GRUMP are "known for their punchy hooks, driving pulse and a strong female vocalist who brings it all together. Kind of like the lovechild of Black Flag and Poly Styrene,” says Church of Girl. Village Voice describes them as "theatrical, sardonic punk rock", while Distant Warning UK exclaims, “Such character. It's like a female Jello Biafra. Amazing!”

With a mission of “puttin’ the FUN back in GRUMP” it’s no wonder LTG has been spreading the grumpiness worldwide to a rabid and ever-growing fanbase, who proudly declare themselves GRUMPIES. Frontwoman Michele Jaffe – the 2004 recipient of the Abe Olman Scholarship Award through the Songwriters Hall of Fame for "Excellence in Songwriting" - has evolved from playing drums in punk/goth bands into a loud, raucous and in-your-face rock goddess! She is joined in LTG by guitarist Dimitri Vishnepolsky – a Moscow-born violin & trumpet-playing guitar god; bassist Phil Pham, recognized for his various stints in NYC rock and punk bands; and introducing Jovan – an unbelievably talented kick-ass drummer and NY native who has brought an incredible new energy to the band. What results from this diverse combo are off-the-charts performances and hook-laden songs that haunt you for days, and are nothing short of pure Grumpy FUN!

With their EP, “The Brink” receiving airplay on several local and international radio stations (including Q104.3's "Out of the Box", Ithaca's "Last Exit for the Lost", France's "Babes in Boyland" and Internet stations "Church of Girl", "Radio Crystal Blue" & “Suburban Hell), and their already-buzzin’ and consistently increasing online presence, it’s only a matter of time before the universe is consumed by grumpiness - in only the best way possible!

Loki the Grump are based in New York City and can be found performing at many of the city’s top rock clubs including CBGB’s, Knitting Factory, Snitch, Ace of Clubs, Rare and more. They have expanded their touring area along the East Coast and were part of Revolutionary Records Girls Rock & Girls Rule 2007 & 2008 Fall Tours in several cities. Loki the Grump was also selected to play the GOGIRLS FEST NYC *07 in November of 2007 and gave one of the most rockin' performances of the evening, according to Grumpies in the crowd!

They just released a limited edition numbered DIY CD titled: The CCNY Sessions - Who U Callin A Pussy!

For details on upcoming shows and to purchase the first EP visit www.lokithegrump.com. Also on myspace, of course: www.myspace.com/lokithegrump.

So whatcha waitin’ for? It’s time to GET GRUMPY!!!