Loko Parentis

Loko Parentis


Blending turbo-charged pop-punk ditties, screaming feedback, twisted funk and mangled dark grooves, Loko Parentis are intense, catchy and entertaining.


Loko Parentis are a new Dublin-based band influenced by the ‘New Wave’ era of 1978-1982 and high-energy alternative guitar-pop.

The group's moniker is derived from the Latin legal term, in loco parentis, meaning ‘in place of parent’, i.e. a guardian.

The outfit was founded in mid-2006 by Paul O'Mahony, once of Cork-based bands Berserk and Factor Fiction, who began discussing the idea of a new group with Alan Markey, formerly of punk outfit The Gurriers.

The new band was to be based on a batch of songs Paul had been writing.
Lead guitarist Tom McDonald was an obvious addition, according to Paul. “I knew Tom for a few years and felt he was ideal in many ways. He was a great ‘feel’ guitarist who was more influenced by American bands of the likes of Television, Sonic Youth and The Ramones, whereas I was coming from more of a Wire and Magazine perspective and Alan had been listening to a lot stuff like early Green Day and Talking Heads to The Clash. It just seemed logical to see how that kind of trans-Atlantic collision would work.”

The debut Loko Parentis CD, ‘The Other Side of Fear’, will be proof positive that it does indeed work, and with some spectacular results, on unusual songs like ‘Pornography Blue’ and ‘The Other Side of Fear’ but also on turbo-charged nuggets like ‘This Is What You Find’, the twisted funk of ‘Singular Obsessions’ or the manic meltdown of ‘One Broken Window’.

After adding Tom’s riffs and feedback techniques, they then brought English drummer Jareth Tait into the equation, as Alan knew him from the gigging scene.

Recorded over five days (three plus two) and produced by Paul O'Mahony, the 15 songs on ‘The Other Side of Fear’ are choc-full of hooks and choruses, powerchords and feedback.

"I'd be threatening to do something like this for a long time," says Paul, "and we're all delighted with the results. Rehearsing and rehearsing the songs for ‘The Other Side of Fear’ was never in the plan of action for the band. The whole idea was to keep a freshness and dynamic energy in the recordings, both from a playing and a mixing perspective.”

That energy and freshness will be there for all to hear on ‘The Other Side of Fear' come 2008.


Pre-Oxegen 2007 festival advance promo-only CD has been regularly aired on rock radio stations/channels since last year.
Debut album The Other Side of Fear is due to be released in 2008. Singles yet to be decided.

Set List

The CD has 15 songs in 40 minutes, and we have two new tunes, so that is the the length and content of our set. Track order varies. No covers.