Lola LaBelle

Lola LaBelle


My shows embody the neo-burlesque movement by drawing on the classic feel of the 1930's and before while still incorporating a modern rock edge. They're what happens when high fashion meets rock and roll meets burlesque.


Having spent her youth traveling the world, Lola LaBelle emerged onto the scene in Hollywood ready to make her mark on the burlesque world. Intent on "bringing glamor back", Lola drew inspiration from historically strong and seductive women such as Marie Antoinette and Mata Hari, while infusing each of them with her own rock and roll feel and high fashion aesthetic. More than just a return to glamor, Lola is spear heading burlesque as the neo-femenism movement. For the first time in years, women are re-defining what sexy is to women, and Lola LaBelle and her shows are poised at the forefront of that movement.


Was the star of Breakout Entertainment's "Lola LaBelle presents Tales from the Bordello: Burlesque Noir", currently being pitched to Showtime. She also created Theatre D'Amour Burlesque, a hot new troupe based out of Hollywood, and is the co-creator and owner of La Belle Boudoir, an online luxury burlesque inspired lingerie boutique.

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Set List

Ms. LaBelle normally works with her clients on handpicking from her array of shows to find the most stunning and appropriate fit for their event. Her most popular numbers include: The Great Mata Hari, The Ripper (a neo-goth/Victorian show), Marie Antoinette (a ghostly white Ms. LaBelle surrounded by brightly colored crystallized fruits with an epic cherry-crushing finale), and her white feather fan dance.