Lola Pfeiffer

Lola Pfeiffer


Lola Pfeiffer is a vocalist that sings to your heart. Lola's love for American jazz has provided a strong foundation for her song selection. With Pan American and Latin jazz influences sprinkled throughout her repertoire Lola provides a fresh, melodic and joyful cadence that has been longed for.


Lola's life changed dramatically when she met two amazing brothers, Chuchito and Emilio Valdes. Internationally acclaimed jazz musicians also the sons of legendary Cuban pianist, Chucho Valdes. Chuchito and Emilio Valdes have held Lola in good hands.

Chuchito immediately recognized Lola's musical talent and in November of 2004 ventured with her into a local Chicago studio. While revealing her mother Bonnie Schultz's quiet talent as a songwriter Lola and Chuchito had plenty of material to work with. Since Lola's debut she has collaborated with many of the greatest players on today's international jazz scene. In December 2005 Lola performed in her first international jazz festival by invitation from Chucho Valdes in La Habana, Cuba.

Lola's love for the great American art form, jazz as well as her passion for world music offers a unique experience few vocalists have captured before.

Being supported by musicians that have toured with greats such as Miles Davis, Ed Thigpen, Paquito D'Rivera, Arturo Sandoval, Wallace Roney, Stan Getz and many more has provided Lola with opportunities many vocalists long for. Lola is nested among a community of musicians that support her growth and encourage her development.

Lola's musical vision is clear. She is committed to the integrity and honesty of humanity and furthermore of her art form. She will be recording her first full length album in La Habana, Cuba in December 2006.

Lola is a breathe of fresh air.



Written By: Bonnie Schultz


I’ve been loving you forever
I’ve been carrying you in my heart
I’ve been patiently waiting for you
A new life, A new chance, A new start

I’ve been loving you forever
I can see your shining face
I can hardly wait to hold you
A new path, A new world, A new grace

I will gladly, travel to find you
And, once your mine, that’s how it always be
I’ve been loving you forever
And forever is alright with me

Bass Solo
Piano Solo

I’ve been loving you forever
My heart and yours share a single beat
I’ve been getting ready for you
You should know, you’re a gift to me

I will gladly, travel to find you
And, once you’re mine, that’s how it will always be
I’ve been loving you forever
And forever is alright with me
With me, it’s alright with me, with me
With me, it’s alright with me
With me


2005 Lola Pfeiffer "Lola Pfeiffer" - EP

Lola will be recording her first full length album in December 2006 in La Habana, Cuba.

Set List

2- 4 sets: 45minutes/set

Standards may include but are not limited to:
Besame Mucho
'S Wonderful
Black Orpheus
Fly Me To The Moon
Como Fue
When I Fall In Love

Original material may include but not limited to:
In the Middle of the Night
Sueno Lindo
Teach Me How To Dance
Three Small Words
Lovely Day
The Journey