L & O

L & O


A dreamlike and crossed universe, a quartet of multi-instrumentalists, and a smooth voice revealing moments of life between ballads, Spanish rhythms and exotic swing.


L&O, it is a duet, comprised of a singer, Laure, coming from the world of opera & composer, Olivier, violinist and co-founder Roma/Yiddish group Les Yeux Noirs.

Escaping for the moment from his world music and far from klezmer melodies, Olivier composed the wavy music, intimate and chiseled to size.
Laure sings in French, Spanish & English, songs about the threads of the life…
For their 1st album, get involved stories, memories, children, lovers, disappointments and pleasures, unusual meetings, to smile or not.

The arrangements were created by Joseph Racaille's lively imagination. Instruments used were guitars, tuba, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, string quartet, glockenspiel, mandolin, banjo, bass and piano for a vibrating and sweet, exotic orchestral sense.

On stage, Laure Slabiak sings, Olivier Slabiak plays violin and guitar, Michel Schick plays clarinet, melodica, flute, ukulele, & saxophone, Stephen Harrison is on the double bass and Jean-Baptiste Maillet is on drums.

Their 1st album (C’est un garçon – Anticraft) was released in France the 24th of march 2008. They began their tour in France in spring of 2008.


C'est un garcon 2008