Lole Hickey

Lole Hickey


Music that speaks to the heart of humanity delivered with traditional polynesian influences fused with contemporary music of today whether in a narrative form or not.


My music is inspired from where I was born, who I am as a Samoan. I was born in the middle of a plantation on a concrete slab and a roof made out of coconut husks. My father was a planter and my mother looked after 5 children. We were all born in the pacific island called Samoa.

I write about the journey of my parents and 5 children to New Zealand to seek a better life in a western society far different from the shores of paradise they left behind. Their stories of struggle, identity, prejudice is told through my music and is refined through how I see my life as a Samoan, as a human being. I grew up listening to classic rnb, like Aretha, Ruby Turner, Earth Wind and Fire,but still had my samoan music on the side to remind me of who I was and where I came from. We didnt have Polynesian or Samoans rolemodels to look up to in NZ, you turn on the tv or radio everything seem to be coming from the USA, black and white. When I started - in the music business 10 years ago, I was the only female solo artist to ever appear on MTV in NZ let alone TV itself. But now the NZ Music Scene is taking over by Polynesians living in NZ, I was glad to part of those
pioneering times. But still signed to a record label , it restricted me from writing and telling my own stories. My ancestors for thousands of years told stories through music and dance, and so I have learnt to combine Polynesian music/traditional and fuse it with contemporary music. All my brothers are gifted musicians - my grandfather played the mandolin and he was from Tonga, so Music was in our blood.

Today my faith plays a huge part in what I write today, I dont want to conform to industry standards and compromise who I am what Im here for and who I want to write for.

In a nutshell, my music from the south pacific is untouched - and still raw in its roots - so if this sounds interesting to you, all you have to do is listen to the music with an open mind. Im writing from the heart - there is no specific genre but there is a theme - humanity and polystyles and faith.



Single/Drummer boy/No 37 On NZ Top 50 charts
Single/Just Wanna/No 40 on NZ top 50 charts
Single/Duet/Love every little thing/No 27 charts
Single/Feel Like making Love /No 30 charts

Radio Play single/I dont Know/
Radio Play single/Keep it Real
Co-wrote albums with
Jamoa Jam
Pacific Soul
Darren Kamali

and various of other indie releases.


Break it to pieces album Artist Feelstyle
No 10 on NZ charts

Debut Album Samoana/indie release 2001
international release albums sold 100,000 unofficial.

Music playing on

nIU fM

Various stations in Samoa, Australia, American Samoa, Hawaii, and USA.

Appeared on Numerous TV radio NZ, Samoa, Amerian Samoa, Hawaii,

1997- Won prestigous Tui Music Award at NZ Music Awards.

Most promising female vocalist.

and others .

Set List

My Jesus My Saviour
I dont know
Chances Are
Tumau oe(Your so good)
Wont you save me
Praise Him
The Lord is my light
He'll make a way
Im Thankful