I have been inspired to write songs. I would like to share them to the whole world. I believe that many people out there would love to hear my songs. These songs can touch people's hearts who seeks the beauty in life.


Lolita DelarosA

Born in San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines, moved to Toronto in 1991. I grew up listening to inspiring songs that plays on the radio and T V. from different artists all over the world. Every time I hear my favorite songs played, I would sing a long. It inspires me so much and that developed a strong desire within me to sing my own songs. I decided to write my personal experience with Jesus Christ who helped me change my life, title; "Perfect Love" my first single. I looked for a composer in the internet and I found Ari. He helped me put my song together in his recording studio.


Perfect Love

Written By: Lolita Delarosa

Perfect Love

When my heart, was crying in pain
You came and offered me, your help
I looked and asked you,who you are You said Jesus, who gives you life

My child, I died for you in Calvary
To win the victory, of your safety
Come to me and you will see
Hold my hand & walk along with me
For I, I’ll bring thee peace

Oh my Lord, how grateful I am
You came and brighten up, my life
Blessed me with the beauty of, your heart You said child, I gave my life to share
Repeat Ch

Here I stand, each day of my life
I live and breath your truth, my Christ For the glory of your Kingdom above Lord Jesus, you taught me perfect love
Repeat Ch (2x)



Set List

Perfect Love, Happy Birthday Song, Truly You,
Dear God.