Lilburn, Georgia, USA

I am not in a band. I am a song writter for the most.The music I write, i write in hopes of others relating and getting inspired. Inspired to keep moving forward, and not to give up.


My name is Janeth Rodriguez. I write music because I want to inspire the audience. I do play instruments, the guitar and piano. I've played the guitar longer but seem to be better at the piano. I am studying music in college to become better, and hopefully play my own music. I also am searching for a voice coach, I want to master my voice and sing the lyrics, singing them the way I know it feels. My influence is Avril Lavigne, I picked to major in music because I wanted to make people feel the music like she made me. Her songs, were the best, and still are. She's just someeone good to look up to. I was 12 when i heard her first heard her on MTV. The song was "my happy ending." Since then I dedicated my life to music.


Remember [You suck]

Written By: Janeth Rodriguez

Remember the time we were so close,
Remember the times we were alone?
Remember you said you wouldn’t forget me
you wouldn’t leave me; you would always be with me?
Remember, remember, Remember
Cause I do,I didn’t forget you
but you already knew, I wouldn’t forget, I wouldn’t forget.
Remember, remember, remember

Sometimes I went on and kept me busy
thinking it would be easy.
But it wasn’t, it isn’t, I need you, but you suck.
I want you, I love you, I need you, but you suck.
Remember, Remember,
Cause I do,
Remember, Remember
I loved you.
I wouldn’t forget, I didn’t forget you

What now? Did you seriously forget, all those words that you said?
Do you not remember anything, did you erase it from your head?
Look at me, does it look like I was playing around,
Take that stupid frown off your face, and get out of my place.

You’re so Unforgettable, unreliable, un-replaceable , you suck
Un-trustable, un-hateable, you suck.

Chorus 2x

Everything I’ve gone through was because of you.
Everything I let go of, was because of you.
Remember, Remember, Cause I will soon forget.