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"Coming Soon to an Everywhere Near You: Lolita Bras"

Everything Lolita Bras does on stage and in their new EP Caught in the Open Too Deep is so direct and elegant, it elicits an almost embarrassing joy in the listener. A mature band that makes you want to bounce around the room, hug a stranger and hang upside down, Lolita Bras is going somewhere, and my guess is the first stop is your iPod.

There's a shortage of up-and-coming bands who know implicitely how to write and perform a good pop (or rock, or indie rock, if you prefer) song. The Cloud Room and Pela are two others that do it well. But what's also exciting about Lolita Bras is the depth that lies behind that knack for writing a good tune.

Singer Patrick Harmon has a voice that grows richer and more complex with each song. Just when you think you know what he sounds like, a particular turn of phrase or breath will reveal something new. He's one of the few singers who could legitimately site Morrisey as a touchpoint, but he doesn't overplay it. And his lyrics expertly drift back and forth between the abstract and concrete, creating a cast of characters that are at once familiar yet out of reach.

The band as a whole most certainly has it's forebears: some songs betray shades of Joy Division and The Smiths, others Big Star and Hoodoo Gurus. Yet without making a big fuss about it, Lolita Bras makes it fervently clear that they're more interested in playing their music than selling a particular sound.

Hugh Crickmore's decisive, acrobatic lead guitar work creates an airy drone that underscores Harmon's voice perfectly. Paul Frick's indefatigably driving percussion partnered with Erica D'Andrea Gray's sinewy basslines provide a counterpoint to the earnest melancholy of the lyrics and melody. And it's this specificity, the individuality of the four players that make the whole something much more than just another indie rock band with a press kit and credible influences.

"Her Own Conversation" is the stand-out on the EP, the track that every college girl would wear out if she still had a tape deck in her car. But what's especially great about this song is hearing it live. In the tradition of bands like James, Lolita Bras may never perfectly capture their live sound on album. Not because it's especially complex or showy, but because the energy of the four people on stage — the way they interact, what happened to them at work that day, where they're going after — all of that works it's way into the music, creating a specific moment that can't quite be duplicated.

And such is Lolita Bras. Much like New Jersey's The Wrens, they are a real, honest-to-goodness rock band with a heart. A band that has earned the right to have lofty aspirations. -

"Bands We Like"

"NYC's Lolita Bras are a highly melodic band influenced by early U.K. bands ... often, singer Patrick Harmon's vocals channel the emotive might of Morrissey .

These guys have been playing all over lately and are being called by many 'The Next NYC Band.' One thing is for sure; Lolita Bras are entirely listenable and if you go check them out, you probably won't be reaching for the ear plugs and running for the bar." - Oh My Rockness (

"Lolita Bras"

"An on-the-rise local indie act for fans of clean, melodic, vocal-driven pop." - New York Magazine

"Lolita Bras"

Lolita Bras, a local rock quartet, who show promise by drawing on the ’90s Creation Records gang: Ride, Oasis, and the Jesus and Mary Chain.
- The Village Voice


"(Lolita Bras @ The Annex - 11/9/06) - I had the opportunity to catch local sensation Lolita Bras (Myspace) in an intimate show at The Annex before they head out of town on a brief tour. The dark and contemplative post-punk packed the fans in for the loud emotional rock performance.

Blending elements of British 80s rock with recent New York punk stylings and a twinge of brooding psychedelia, the Lolita Bras certainly have the talent and confidence to gain an even larger following in New York and beyond. Bring your earplugs for these guys, but the terrific guitar riffs and pounding percussion will make it more than worth your while." - Indie-licious

“(Pianos Residency - 1/5/06) Lolita Bras are quite good - two excellent guitarists who produce some hard, shimmering chords, somewhat akin to Chameleons UK…Great vocals and good energy makes them worth seeing again.” - Waved Rumour

“(Pianos Residency - 1/26/06) The 80’s. It’s a state of mind...with the retro flair of John Hughes films and Lacoste polo's, the rock and roll was sure to follow and it has in a big way. From the Bravery to Bloc Party to the Killers the “Me” decade is alive and selling in the music world. Enter a new contender for the retro title, the Lolita Bras.

Hitting the stage in stride the Bras, Patrick Harmon Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard • Hugh Crickmore Lead Guitar, Vocals • Paul Frick Drums • Erica D\'Andrea Gray Bass, commanded attention from the outset. The Lolita Bras music leaves space for each member to breathe, uncluttered and focused. Exhuming a sound parallel to the Smiths on Xanax, the Lolita Bras cruise with thoughtful lyrics that belie the darker tone of the instruments.

The Lolita Bras clearly have the talent and have now crafted a solid fan base. It’s only a matter of time before the Jake Ryan’s of the world take notice.” - Glide Magazine

- Various

"Lolita Bras"

"Very funky pop band...One to watch."

- New York Press

"Lolita Bras"

"Lolita Bras is a regular on the local scene. The band's songwriting skill and onstage energy, however, set them apart from the rest.

With hot licks and sweet sincerity, Lolita Bras will seduce you with rock." - A.M. New York

"Tizzy Famous African Exile"

If I lived in New York City in January, I would probably set aside every Thursday night. Why you ask? Answer: The Lolita Bras.
This band is coming from NYC. Their debut single, "Her Own Conversation" is all jagged guitars and chugging bass. Their biography on their MySpace might need a Snoop Doggle Trizzlator, but I think I can understand what the song is all about. And what I'm hearing is a really beautiful, soaring melody. Oh yeah, they're playing every Thursday at Piano's in NYC, which was why I said what I said in the first paragraph. Yep. - Dreams of Horses


Lolita Bras has released a single, "Her Own Conversation" mixed by Eli Janney (Girls against Boys, The Rapture, Ryan Adams)

It can be he heard on MySpace at:



Lolita Bras r.i.p.