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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Real Punk band!"

I would not deny the girls are real cute, as you can see from the photos here, and it was the same before one chinko(!?) got into the band, but the charm of the band is not there at all. It is the live on stage and the energy coming to you straight. In fact they constantly tour and building up their popularity through piles of gigs wherever they are.

You may wonder if they might have lost power by loosing 2 members and having the new ones, there is no worry and the gig of the night was a good evidence.
Especially the energy of the vocalist, Masayo, and the guitarist, Goro, was sparkling all over the stage. In some parts, they appeared a bit comical, but it was far too obvious what they are standing on which is real punk. - smashing mag

"SXSW Friday Sleepers"

LOLITA NO. 18: Lolita No. 18 is probably doing this SXSW on frequent flier miles. This is at least the fourth trip from Japan to Austin for the girls. Their too-cute pop punk usual endears them quickly to the annual Japan Night crowds. (Mercury, Midnight) -- Michael Bertin - Austin chronicle

"The Japanese are an extremely odd people."

Lolita No. 18 (Tokyo, JAPAN) Mercury Ent. at Jazz (0000) Frenetic, hyper-happy-bouncy bubblegum version of the Ramones, with vocals sung by tortured chipmunks. The Japanese are an extremely odd people. - Lolita No. 18 (Tokyo, JAPAN) Mercury Ent. at Jazz (0000) Frenetic, hyper-happy-bouncy bubblegum vers


94.6.1 2 songs/V.A.[BENTEN BENTOH] BNTN-002 (BENTEN)
96.1.26 1 song V.A.[BENTEN UNPLUGGED]BNTN-011 (BENTEN)
96.5 Split Single with DROOP CD/7" (Alternative Tentacle )
97.7.25 1st Live Video [Adventure in USA- Live in Texas]BNTN-v26 (BENTEN )
97.8.21 1st Single CD [SALOON]CRDS-2 (Sister/BENTEN)
97.8.21 3rd Album [NIGE-NINJA]CRCS-1002 (Sister/BENTEN)
98.3.18 2nd Live Video [ HIGE NINJYA U.S.TOUR'97]CRVS-1001 (Sister/BENTEN)
98.7.23 4th Album [FUBO LOVE NY ]CRCS-1005 (Sister/BENTEN )
98.8.26 2nd Single CD[ROCKAWAY BEACH]CRDS-3 iSister/BENTEN)
99.3.18 5th Album CD [YALITAMIN]CRCS-1007 (Sister/BENTEN)
99.11.18 6th Album CD [TOY DOLL]CRCS-1008 (Sister/BENTEN)
00.7.26 Mini Album"FUKUTAICHO" CRCS-1010 (Sister/BENTEN
00.7.26 LOLITA No.18 live 1995 and 1996 BNTN-049 (BENTEN)
00.7.28 LIVE CD "TOY DOLL TOUR 2000" CRCS-1011 (Sister/BENTEN)
00.11.20 7th Album "TORININGEN -Angel of The North-" CRCS-1012 (Sister/BENTEN)
01. 1.16 1st DVD "Lolita Channel TV Show" CRBS-1 (Sister/BENTEN)
01.9.19 8th Album "THE GREAT ROCK'N'ROLL FESTIVAL!!CRCS-1013 (Sister/BENTEN)
02.2.21 Last live Document DVD at Shibuya Club Quattro on Dec.
28.2002 CRBS-2 (Sister/ BENTEN)
02.4.24 Split album with Nonstop Body "HANGRUBON" BNTN-059 (BENTEN)
05.5.25 9th Album "CHECK THE MARTEN" DAKDLDR-2003 (Destroin)
05.11.23 10th Album "NUTS THE ANIMAL" GNCN-1017 (Destroin)
06.8.09 BEST BEST BEST MUST!! LDR-2004@(Destroin)
07.11.07 10th Anniverssary Live DVD BENTEN 069



This all girl punk-rock-band debut CD"KARATE TEACHER" was released in 1995 from BENTEN Label in Tokyo , and quickly captured the heart of both punk rock fans and cartoon fans.
Lolita No.18 went to Austin, Texas to play live shows and record their second
They played 7 places in Texas including the international showcase at SXSW.
are singing in Japanese, the audience loved Lolita No.18. They did 2 radio live
their stay in USA, KVRX in Austin and KZSU in San Francisco. Their Texas recorded
"Sister Run Naked" was released that following July1996. In July of '98, they
4th album "FUBO LOVE NY", produced by Joey Ramone. In '97 they did an
50 day & went to 43 spots. (This US tour video was released from Sister Records)
The members are all funny like cartoon character and vocalist, Masayo's weird
became the talk in all over the world. They have just released their 6th album
in 1999 ) "TOY DOLL" which was produced by Olga from The Toy Dolls and
United Kingdom. In 2000 Lolita 18 is going to do 40 places Japan tour then going
tour and they are going to Europe soon.
The Pioneer of all girl punk band.